Sprint 1 – week 15

This week we have worked on two main topics:

  • Selecting and getting all project tools up and running.
  • Rewriting of the tag engine.

To get full control over our project flow, we decided to work with the agile project method Kanban. We have setup a big backlog in KanbanFlow as well as selecting the user stories for Sprint 1.
We have also migrated from SVN to GIT to use as our new version handling system.

The coding tasks has been fully related to migrating and improving our tag engine to .NET 4.5.
We have do far been working with ID3v2, Vorbis comments, ID3v1, Lyrics3, APEv2, WAVE and WMA tags.
For each format we migrate we create unit tests to ensure top-notch stability and possibility to apply refactoring and improvements without the risk to break previously working code. We also create automated integration tests which we use for acceptance tests, ensuring that the new tag engine is equal (and even better) in compatibility as today’s tag engine. We have selected to use NUnit as our testing framework.

The new tag engine will be quicker on many operations as well as supporting 64-bit systems.

During the next week we will continue with completing the tag engine, since it’s the base component for the most of Helium’s tools.

We will also finalize the testing of Helium 11.1 so that we can release it officially. Helium 11.1 comes with several improvements and bug-fixes.

Stay tuned for more information!


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