Sprint 1 – Week 16

The week have been a heavy coding week where focus has been on completing the tag engine for all supported audio formats and tag formats.

During the implementation we always do several automated tests for each format to ensure full compatibility with today Helium as well as adding improvements to how different things are handled.
All this to allow even better and more flexible controlling of tag data.

A couple of integration tests still remains to ensure that handling of specific fields such as multiple artists and per-user ratings are properly handled, but soon we will move to starting the “real” implementation of the application itself.

We have already made some starting tests during this week, nothing direct visible, but the code actually is running from an application.
The tests we have made relates to adding of files to the database, fully threaded by using .NET 4.5’s TPL async handling.
This is something which we will continue with during the next sprint.

The end-testing of Helium 11.1 is now completed and we will hopefully be able to release this new version during the next week.


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