Sprint 2 – Week 17

This week’s focus has been on getting the data access layer (DAL) to work properly in conjunction with the other application layers.

The primary function we have been working on is the adding of files and all related add operations. This has involved user handling, album summary handling and artist summary handling to mention a few of the functions that are now basically implemented.

We have also started to work with the application UI with the goal to make it to look, act and behave as before but with some changes and improvements. Much of the graphic elements will now be vector-based giving our end-users a much better user experience. Font-scaling is another part that also will be highly improved.

Parallel to all this work we have started to create a public test application which tests the new tag-engine. The test application won’t do anything fancy, more than testing tag and format-reading, but will play an important role for end-user testing.

We would therefore like you to contact us at dev@imploded.com if you are interested in testing this application to early identify specific problems with one of the most central components in Helium Music Manager.


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