Sprint 3 – Week 20

The past week was a quite calm due to a visit at a coding conference in London.

The current focus is continued work with the Music Explorer, getting some basic replaying to work as well as continued work with the UI.

What we will spend the next weeks is to identify the best way to represent our datamodels in responsive UI. This is a quite complex task which will involve custom styling/theming and more.

We will do this by internal prototyping to identify the best solutions available.

Apart from the above we will also start to implement some “basic” features such as audio conversion and more.


2 thoughts on “Sprint 3 – Week 20

  1. Do you work scrum (agile) based (where ‘sprints’ is a common term to use for a short period (1 to 4 weeks or so)) ?
    Because I don’t see any continuity in your blog posts.


  2. We work with a mixture of SCRUM and Kanban, but we do not publish everything we do, simply because we are in the middle of a prototyping and analysis phase at the moment.

    We will keep this official blog continuously updated, but probably not every week as we did in the start.


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