Subtracks == tracks

A new cool feature in Väth will be the handling of subtracks.

Subtracks have existed since long in Helium and is easily explained a master track which contains two or more “internal” tracks.

This technique is highly useful when working with mixes, live performances and identfying hidden tracks.

When searching for tracks in Väth, it will handle a track, no matter if it is a regular track or a subtrack equally.

This means that it will be very easy to find subtracks via searches and filters, but also that they will be playable just as a regular track.

When playing a subtrack you will see all details of the track and the played time/total time will be shown with the subtracks values – not the “parent” tracks data as in prior Helium versions.

If multiple subtracks are enqueued in a row, you will get perfect gapless playback to enjoy the mix without any interruptions.

Apart from the above, much is going on right now.

We are working hard to get the first official alpha version ready – something we plan to have ready at the end of August.

If you are interested in testing it right now, please contact us and write a little about how you will be able to test the version and how you are using Helium today.

Please note that no tagging tools will be included, the main focus will be on trying the new user interface and the application flow.

Contact us at:


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