Welcome to Neon – release Blümchen!

Today we are proud to present the second official release of Neon, formerly known as Väth.

Neon is the next generation of Helium.

Releases view

Since release Airwave was released officially we have continued to work with many of the core functions like tagging, support for multiple databases and a lot of other improvements.

Primary goals with this version

  • Correct reported bugs
  • Create a new version of the Advanced Tag Editor with improved template support like multiple controls on one line
  • Create an initial capitalization/word replacement engine that should be used in tagging related tools
  • Possibility to import a Helium 11 database of any supported format
  • Possibility to Edit artist information for an artist
  • Possibility to browse related artists, generated via the Edit artist tool
  • Improved context menu support for all views
  • Create a library management tool which allows users to create new databases of any type and open databases of any type
  • Plug-in support for downloading of artist information and artist pictures. This version comes with a Last.fm plug-in and a Spotify plug-in. The Last.fm plug-in can download both artist information and pictures, the Spotify plug-in can only download artist pictures
  • A basic toast notification system which should be triggered, if enabled, when specific events are completed
  • Create a view for Playlist management, with folder support
  • Changed replaying default logic

What’s not included in this version

We are still working with core functions meaning that we have not started to review features like

  • Template editors (Advanced Tag Editor)
  • Extra columns in track lists
  • Icons and other graphic elements

Please bear in mind that this version is still in a quite early beta state, meaning that function may not be fully completed nor tested in depth yet, so please continue to use test data when using this version.
When it comes to testing, we would like to give a big thank to all of our internal testing team which helps us to test features in detail and come with good feedback for usage and more.

Edit artist Advanced Tag Editor

What’s next?

For our next release, Chakra, we will focus on the following main areas:

  • A first version of a Statistics view
  • A Music Explorer view with the most basic node types
  • A Tag Editor like the standard Tag editor in Helium today
  • Testing of how columns can be configured and persisted
  • Extension of the plug-in engine to handle more download types and sources


We are still welcoming testers to our internal test team. If you are interesting in helping us out with testing and early feedback, please contact us for more details.
It is a big bonus if you are working with any of the SQL Server products in Helium today (not Compact).

Download and installation

Click here to download Neon, build 209

Helium Streamer 3.0

Helium Streamer

We previously mentioned that we are working on a new version of Helium Streamer parallell to Neon. We now want to make it public by letting you try it out. Just like Neon, the Helium Streamer only has basic funcionality so far but we will be releasing updates to the Streamer as often as Neon from now on.

What’s in this release?

Helium Streamer 3 comes with a user interface that resembles Neon. This first release comes with an album and artist view just like Neon, with similar filtering and search features.

Simple playback can be done by double-clicking on tracks or using the play-button on album covers. The play queue can be reached in a read-only view from a button in the player.

There is a playlist view that reads playlists and playlist folders from Neon.

A basic version of the Launcher tool is delivered with this release. It currently displays which database that Helium Streamer is connected to with no ability to change it.

What comes next?

Many things are planned for upcoming releases of Helium Streamer. Below are some of them, without individual order:

  • A statistics view
  • A tracks view
  • Ability to create new playlists and add tracks to existing playlists.
  • Ability to enqueue individual tracks and modify the play queue.
  • Improvements to the Launcher tool to be able to switch database and more.

Click here to download Helium Streamer, build 889

Let us know what you think in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Neon – release Blümchen!

  1. Great release. I still think that HMM11 visually looks better. Do’nt know, still see it like crippy (for neon). But i hope you can add icons and some visual objects to it.

    I send some data to you please see your kayako support #11085. I use SQLSRV2014.

    On the other way, Great to see that Helium evolves 😉 (Oh and importing files to library is blazing fast if we compare to HMM11)


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