It’s all about tagging

For the next release of Neon, release Chakra we have worked hard to get the tagging experience better.

We have implemented the standard Tag editor, a spreadsheet based tag editor similar to the one in earlier Helium versions but with even more functions.

Both the Tag editor and the Advanced tag editor supports the same (all) number of tag-fields with the same in-detail editors for pictures, involved peoples, multiple artists and more.

It also comes with smart extraction and switch functions to speed up your tagging tasks.


Another new highly useful feature is that you can now caluclate bpm for all or specific files loaded to the tag editor in background, meaning that you can continue to adjust your tags whilst the bpm is being calculated.
The bpm calculation in Neon is also more precise and quicker than in earlier Helium versions.

Something we also have fine-tuned is the manual bpm calculation tool.
It now comes with a more intuitive user interface, showing your manual tapped bpm, the current calculated bpm which applies to the currently playing part of the track, how many taps you have made as well as an indicator for which beat within a bar you are in to more easily keep the tempo during the bpm measurement.

Both the manual bpm calculator and automatic bpm calculation are of course available from both tag editors.


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