News about release Deedrah

Release Deedrah is currently in it’s final testing phase and we hope to have it ready for an official release in the mid of February 2016.

A lot of things have happened since release Chakra, some of the major changes will be presented below:

  • The Subtrack editor is implemented. Since subtracks behave just as normal tracks in Neon, this is an important addition.
  • The album pane is back in the Tag editor. The album pane will be available when files from one specific album is open and allow you to quickly adjust information for album related fields as well as quickly manage the album picture.


  • Track details is a new view which can be accessed from all track views by clicking the title link. The track details view will show detailed information about a specific track such as:
    • Detailed tag information
    • Appearances, releases where the specific track appears
    • Other versions, remixes and other versions of the specific track
    • Similar tracks to this track
    • Playing history, at which dates and times the specific track were played
    • Lyrics for the specific track
  • Search results page. When a search is performed via the quick search bar or via the new Advanced search (read more about this tool below) results will be presented in a tabbed page allowing the end-user to smoothly review artist, releases and track matches.
  • The Advanced search tool is reintroduced and gives you the possibilities to create powerful searches to find exactly what you need from your collection.
  • Support for multiple users. Just as in earlier Helium versions it is now possible to create new users, set passwords to require a login and more. When working with multiple users ratings, favourites, playlists, smart playlists (read more below) will be unique per-user.
  • Smart playlists are now supported again and are available from the Playlists view. Smart playlists are designed with a tool similar to the Advanced search.
  • Various improvements has been made to Statistics. The statistics page will from this release show tracks played the last thirty days instead of the last month. When a specific date is clicked it shows which tracks that were played on that day. From that page you can now browse back/forward as well as select a specific date.
    From the artists and releases detail pages it will now be possible to see specific statistics about the artist or release.
  • A new view, the Genres view, has been introduced. From this view it will be possible to quickly select a specific genre and then view all artists, albums and tracks from that genre.deedrah-genres
  • Auto enqueue support. When playing tracks you can now enable the auto-enqueue function to quick and easily never let your play queue run out of tracks.
  • Another large – yet a bit invisible – feature that we have implemented for this release is web service support. By activating the web service you will be able to use our mobile apps to either remote control Neon from your device or stream music from Neon to your device. The first app that will be able to use the new web service is the Helium Streamer for Android app.

Apart from all of the major changes above we have of course made some minor useful improvements such as the possibility to cut, copy and paste Playlists and Smart playlists between folders, the possibility to shuffle tracks in the Play queue as well as support for media hotkeys.

As you can see from all things above, release Deedrah is a large release with many new features will take us one step further the final version of Neon – the new Helium!



4 thoughts on “News about release Deedrah

  1. will there be an alternative to the dark theme? I dont like dark themes and it hurts my eyes when I have to work long time with it. Thanks


  2. A light theme has been implemented since a couple versions ago. Please upgrade to the most recent version of Neon and you will be able to use the light theme.

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