Welcome to Neon, release Deedrah

The long awaitened version of Neon, release Deedrah is now finally available!deedrah

This version comes with many new features and functions, a lot of them have been mentioned earlier in this blog. Below follows a list of our primary goals.

Primary goals with with release Deedrah

  • Support for editing of Subtracks. Subtracks should support all sort order fields.
  • The album pane in the Tag editor should be available for quick editing of album related information.
  • Track titles should be linked to a track details page which shows detailed information about the specific track.
  • Support for a search results page which should be shown when a search is performed from the qucik search field. The results should be presented as artists, albums and tracks.
  • Implementation of an advanced search tool.
  • Support for multiple users. This includes creation of new users, login support as well as individual ratings, favourites, playlists per user.
  • Support for smart playlists available from the playlists view.
  • Possibility to browse playing statistics for specific dates from the played on this day page.
  • Implementation of a genre view.
  • Implementation of a year view.
  • Auto enqueue support.
  • Web service support. The web service should be consumed for our mobile applications as well as made public with documentation.
  • Support for a light theme.
  • Full support for sort order as well as auto-set sort order in the tag editors.
  • Implementation of the duplicate finder too.
  • Basic support for downloading of track information from the Tag editor.

Apart from the major changes above a lot of fixes, refinements and small improvements has also been implemented. All of these features have made release Deedrah a very usable version.

If you are interested in testing Helium Remote for Android it is already possible. Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in developing with our web service api, it is already possible. Please contact us for more details.

What’s planned for our next release, Electric-sun?

  • WASAPI sound support.
  • Implementation of the Analyse files tool.
  • Update of our mobile applications so that they consume our new web service api.
  • Support for multiple-download plug-ins
  • Possibility to edit label information.
  • Basic scripting support.
  • A first version of the Tag to filename tool.

Download and installation

Click here to download Neon build 416

Before installing this version, be sure to uninstall your previous version and delete your old settings files. The settings files can be found under C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium. Simply delete all entries in this folder before installing the new release.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Neon, release Deedrah

  1. In the old version of Helium there was a lot of control over how one could sort the views. For example I had my album view to group by album artist, then sort by Release Year, type, etc. It seems that we have lost this versatility in the new version. Is that true, or is it just not implemented yet. In addition, the filtering commands were very strong in Helium. In my large, poorly organized collection I used folder location to indicate whether or not the songs had been “checked in” (ie properly cataloged) and then which family members liked them. At any time I could sort my album view to show only the albums that were or were not “checked in” using the “Path Contains…” filter. I don’t see anyway to do that in the new version.


  2. Hi,

    Neon is not yet a fully completed release hence it is missing some tools and functions, extended filtering for example.
    We have plans to add a global filter which can be set to a specific path for example, that will be applied to all views (when relevant). This is something that will be prototyped more in detail.


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