Visualise your music


With the next release of Neon, release Electric-sun, we have added some really nice features apart from the ones already mentioned in this blog.

The screenshot above shows an alternative position slider which allows more precision and at the same time allowing you to visualise the music you are currently playing – in the screenshot represented by a spectrogram. A spectrogram shows time on the x-axis, the frequency on the y-axis and the coloring represent the magnitude/amplitude.

It’s nice to look at, but can it be used for something more?

Yes, it can actually be used to visually see if a file is of good quality or not.

The screenshot below shows a lossless encoded FLAC file in the spectrogram:b160404-4

And this screenshot shows the same file, but re-encoded into a 128 kBps MP3:b160404-6

As you can see by comparing the two pictures, the low quality version above has more dark colors at the top, meaning that the high frequencies have been cut away by the encoder.

When playing this file at a louder volume it might sound really bad, compared to the lossless version of the file.

Wait, there’s even more to come!

Apart from displaying data as a spectrogram, it can also be displayed as a waveform with very precise capabilities of adjusting the position. The screenshot below shows a standard waveform:


Some small markers are shown in this waveform, as well as in the spectrogram, indicating whole minutes and half minutes.

If you hover the waveform or the spectrogram a slightly darker, but still colored area will indicate the new position if you click there.

This new position sliders allows you to visually find and set a position much easier than with the normal position slider (which still exists of course).

Another way to see the waveform is by viewing it as separated left and right channels:


You can easily control the height of the new position slider between:

  • 160 pixles
  • 120 pixles
  • 80 pixles
  • 60 pixles

The graphics are updated in realtime and is of course flicker-free!

…and even more visual features!

The upcoming release will allow you to control the size of the thumbnails in Neons albums, artists and labels view.

There will be three different sizes available, Large (as in previous versions), Medium (shown in the first screenshot in this post) and small.

This is the perfect way to control how Neon should behave and to control the number of items shown when using different screen resolutions.

Release Electric-sun is planned to be released in the end of April 2016.


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