Neon – release Electric Sun is now out!


Warmly welcome to Neon, release Electric sun, one step further to the completely new generation of Helium!

This release comes with many new features, even more than we initially planned for.

Primary goals with release Electric sun

  • Full WASAPI support
  • File analyser tool for MP3 and FLAC files. This tool is similar to the Analyse audio files tool in earlier versions of Helium, but quicker, more precise and with some new repair functions.
  • A more integrated way to download data in the Tag editor. The download function is now embedded directly in the Tag editor.
  • Implementation of the Tag to filename tool
  • Functional tagging in tag editors. It is possible to enter expressions in tag editor fields like in the Tag to filename tool which will be translated into actual data during the tagging process.
  • Android versions of Helium Remote and Helium Streamer for Neon
  • iOS versions of Helium Remote and Helium Streamer for Neon (not yet completed)
  • UWP (Windows 10) version of Helium Remote (not yet fully finished)
  • Script engine support – you can now control Neon via C# scripting
  • A global filter which will affect all views, used to work with items matching a specific folder, custom tag or similar. This is the official replacement for the filtering options in Helium 11 where Collections and Volumes were used.
  • Possibility to edit Label details
  • Possibility to drag and drop images from a web browser into thumbnail items
  • Linking improvements to the Statistics page
  • Drill-down statistics (top lists)
  • Possibility to scan music files and detect Music key, used for harmonic playback and mixing
  • Backup function
  • Restore function
  • Possibility to use waveforms as a more precise position slider
  • Possibility to use a spectrogram as a more precise position slider
  • Possibility to customimze Play queue columns
  • Possibility to customize Album detail columns
  • Possibility to select small, medium or large size thumbnails
  • Possibility to drag and move items in tracklists

As always we have also corrected bugs and refined many of the existing features to create the absolute best music software.

News about Streamer 3

  • Reordering of tracks in play queue and playlists by drag’n’drop
  • Create new playlists and playlist folders
  • Rename or remove playlists and playlist folders
  • Move playlists into folders
  • Add track to playlist
  • Remove track from playlist
  • Improvements to the Launcher tool. It’s now possible to switch database and change host port using this tool

We would also give our testers and all of our users that have contributed with feedback and bug reporting a big thank you!

What’s planned for our next release, Fatboy Slim?

  • Complete the remaining parts of our mobile applications
  • Release our complete tag engine as an open source project!!
  • Implement a Filename to tag tool
  • Complete other remaining not yet implemented workflows
  • Create documentation
  • Final testing

Download and installation

Click here to download Neon build 543

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3 build 938

Before installing this version, be sure to uninstall your previous version and delete your old settings files. The settings files can be found under C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium. Simply delete all entries in this folder before installing the new release.


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