Get more use of your pictures

We have experimented for a while with how album and artists pictures can be more efficiently used in Neon.

In our next release we will present a new feature available for album and artist detail pages – background images with effects.


This setting is of course optional so if you prefer the current look without any backgrounds it will still be the default option.
But wait, there’s more to come, you will be able to control which specific artists and albums which will have this effect enabled and which effect they will have!

To configure the background options, simply click the settings icon in the upper right corner (or via Ctrl+Shift+O) to configure how the background should be shown.


By default, a global setting will be used, available from Options, which can be overridden for a certain artist album.

The observant user can see that some other new elements are shown in the UI, more about them and other new features in our next post.


3 thoughts on “Get more use of your pictures

  1. Hi Phil,

    We have no exact ETA on the final release yet, but most likely sometime during August/September 2016.
    Within a month, we will release this new version, which comes with some of the main “final” features.


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