More new features in Neon!

In our previous post which covered the cool new background picture modes, we mentioned that we had added more features for the upcoming Neon version.


Some of the new features that will be included is the new Equalizer. The Equalizer can be quickly activated via a toggle-button located in the bottom player. You can also quickly configure the Equalizer manually or adjust it by the available presets.


Quick editing

Another feature that has requested since long is a more effective version of the old Quick edit function, which now has been implemented.
The quick edit function can be accessed from any view with a track-list and allows editing of all visible tracks and fields, which is a hughe improvement compared to the old function which only allowed editing of a single file at a time, with a limited set of fields.
To enable the quick edit function, simply right-click the track list and select “Toggle edit mode” from the context menu. When enabled, you will edit entries directly in the track-list in a way similar to the Tag editor, with full support for lookup fields and more.
This enables a very quick way to correct incorrect spellings and similar adjustments with just a few clicks.


File name to tag

Something else that previously has not been included in Neon is the Filename to tag tool. The next version of Neon comes with an updated version of the Filename to tag tool, embedded in the Tag editors.
The user interface in the new Filename to tag tool has been simplified, but it still works similar to the old tool. To give the most precise visual result, columns included in the template are built dynamically in the editor whilst editing. If some files are not matched with the template, for example if they match a pattern with more fields, you can simply re-run the function on these files and apply the differing template.

Apart from these major new features presented above, we have also made some huge improvements to mass picture download tools, these changes will be presented in our next blog post.


2 thoughts on “More new features in Neon!

  1. The equalizer seems to be able only to increase each band, since there is no highlight to the flat position, that should be in the center. An equalizer should be able to increase or decrease a frequency band.
    So, I would say that I miss, in importance order:

    1. An explicit neutral position (FLAT). Maybe with different color when increasing or decreasing.
    2. The increase or decrease in each band should be shown (in dB)
    3. An option between a simple and more sofisticated equalizer (more bands. Professional equalizers usually gave 31 bands).
    4. A stereo equalizer (individual equalizer for each channel).


  2. Hi Testa,

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Our first goal was to provide a 10-band EQ as in earlier versions of Helium. We might extend this for a future release with an EQ with more bands.

    We will also see if we can find a good way for present the dB ranges to the sliders.


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