New Neon release now available!

Welcome to Neon, release Fatboy Slim!

From now we will release all Neon builds as publically updates since we are getting closer and closer to an official release.


New features implemented in release Fatboy Slim

  • Download multiple album/artist pictures tool. Quickly download multiple albums/artist pictures at once using all available plug-ins.
  • Quick editing mode in all tracklist controls except for the Play queue. Simply enable editing from the context menu and correct any tags you like, without the need of starting any of the Tag editors!
  • Possibility to group tracks in tracklist controls (excluding the Play queue and album details)
  • Background picture support for album and artist detail views
  • 10-band Equalizer tool
  • The CD-ripper tool is now available with full support for ripping to different formats
  • Filename to tag tool, available from the Tag editors and the script engine
  • Automatic and manual update checker
  • Amazon plug-in
  • Improvements to the Discogs plug-in to return more picture results
  • Quick migration from Helium 11, quickly migrate your active database and your pictures
  • Drag and drop picture files directly to albums, artists and label controls
  • Copy multiple files function
  • Move multiple files function with full database update support
  • Remap-path tool
  • Possibility to export playlists (M3U, M3U8 and PLS) from various views as well as from the script engine
  • Additional detailed information shown in desktop alert after add and update operations
  • Various new features in the scripting engine, click here see the official documentation for more information
  • Play counter is updated on Id3v2 tags during playback
  • Play counter support in Advanced searches and Smart playlists
  • iOS applications are updated to support Neon, althought not yet released on AppStore.
  • UWP (Windows 10) version of Helium Remote released as open-source

Apart from all news above, we have of course fixed all reported and found bugs to make this build really stable.

Helium Streamer

Please uninstall any previous version of Helium Streamer 3 before installing this release. All settings are now stored in %ProgramData%\Imploded Software\Helium Streamer. This is also where cached pictures, log files and transcoded files are stored by default.

News in Helium Streamer

  • New play queue handling. The play queue handling now works similar to Neon, which means that manual and automatically queued tracks are supported. Manually queued tracks are marked with a dot on the left of the track in the play queue. These tracks will be retained even if you double-click in any tracklist.
  • If Neon is installed, settings will be picked up and the same database will be used.
  • If Neon is not installed, a new database will be created. A default password of admin is set on the Default user. This password can be changed from the Launcher.
  • Playing statistics are now reported correctly to
  • Ability to add/remove favourite on artist
  • Ability to add/remove favourite on album
  • Minor corrections to sorting of tracks in albums
  • Ability to set a default password
  • Experimental: Add files to database. It’s now possible to try out a first version of add to database from Settings. Please only use the features on this page on databases you have a backup of since they are not yet fully tested. Please report any issues with these features.

What’s planned for our next release, Gouryella?

  • Release all updated mobile applications officially
  • Release all plug-ins as open-source so that each one of you that are interested can be inspired to contribute with own plug-ins
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing

Since all releases will now be publically released we would really like you to contribute to our testing process. If you find something that does not seem correct, please let us know. If the built-in bug reporting tool shows up, please report as much information as possible about which steps you performed and we will try to address the issues as quick as we can.

Click here to download Neon, build 12403

Note: It should not be neccesary to uninstall a previously installed version of Neon.

Click here to download Streamer 3, build 1005



28 thoughts on “New Neon release now available!

      1. Hi Mikael

        – i can’t find a setting where i can activate the storeing of the playcount into the id3 tag.
        – in my opinion The smartlistfilter does not fit for smartlist with playcount. is it possible to add a ‘>’ and ‘<' selector?


      2. Hi Noyse. At the moment there’s no setting for this, playcounters are always saved to ID3v2 tags.

        We will review if the filter can be extended with additional operators. Thanks for the suggestion!


  1. Thank you for this fantastic release!
    Is there already a way to edit the sort of my albums on the artist and not on title of the album? (Release-View) .. i cant find it :/


  2. I am liking the new release! The darker interface is very welcome. I am running it side by side with helium. I did notice that Helium did not play well with WAMP 3.0. (windows Apache MySQL PHP) What version of MySQL do you recommend for Neon? (and yes a sql server is a must for me.)


  3. @Maxsk: Yes it is now possible to start with translations.

    If anyone are interested in helping us out with translations, please contact us via our support center for more details.


  4. I am missing the option to “browse to the library folder” when selecting a file with right click. It’s very useful if you see an untagged/wrong tagged song and you want to go the album folder in the helium library, so you can choose all the files of the album to tag them together.


  5. @aumphoto:
    Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried to:

    For the specific track, click the album link so that the album details page will open?
    From that view you can easily click CTRL+E to tag all files with your default Tag editor.

    This should give almost the same effect as the old “Browse to menu”.


    1. I just tried it, the album link was saying ‘Untitled album (0)’ because the album field is empty. And after the click Helium crashed :/.
      And even when the album field is tagged, when an LP has different album tags but is in the same folder on the harddisk, how can I go from one file to the helium library folder, so I can select all files in the same folder for tagging?


  6. Thanks for your reply aumphoto. We will analyse the reason for the crash.
    At the moment there is no function available like the old “Browse library folder” available in Neon, but we will analyse if this can be implemented for a future release.


  7. Noticed that “Computer”, in Music Browser is not present anymore. I found it to be very useful to browse folders that aren’t in catalog and even to browse under my own folder Genre/Artist structure. Any plans to add it back? Maybe I missed something.

    Also I would like to suggest something about statistics.

    Since added date is known, I would like to see a graphic showing the collection grow under time.
    I would like to see distribution in different formats, showing quantity of tracks and %. Maybe this distribution can be shown in the graphic too.
    Remote users of Streamer should have access to statistics related to the size of library they are listening to, as number of Artists, Albums, etc


  8. Thanks for your feedback Testa.

    At the moment there are no plans to reintroduce the File browser view, mainly since it was a part of very legacy Helium code (even if still used). One main problem with the view was that it disturbed the rest of the architechture and workflows with hard limitations because it was not database driven.

    The suggestions related to statics are interesting, we will analyse this further as well as if we can get statistics in Streamer 3.


  9. Hello, thank you for this great software! I am currently tagging a lot of files and it’s slowed down as I have to wait every time I make changes with the Tag editor. I’d prefer the files to be tagged only at the end (i.e. when Neon is closed..).


  10. @Andras:
    The actual tagging should take place after the Tag editor is closed and in the background when some CPU are ready. The only data that’s being updated before the Tag editor is closed, is database data.
    We have made some measures and it seems to behave as it should on our systems. (Tested with large databases).
    To analyse this further we need to send you a specific debug version of Neon, please take contact with us from: for more assistance in this case.


  11. Hi Mikael,
    I would like to comment some topics about implementation of equalizer:

    1. EQ faders are showing the blue lines when on flat position (0 dB), when it should’t.

    2. It seems that dB scale doesn’t match. Since maximum is 15dB, is each trace 2dB?

    3. Gain (first fader) should also have a dB representation.


    1. Hi Infusion,

      Comments follows:
      1) Not exactly sure what you mean, the blue lines are always blue (using a static color). Can you please illustrate what you mean with a picture?
      2) That’s correct, we might change this for an upcoming release (it got quite many lines though)
      3) Thanks for the input. We will fix this.


  12. It may be a static color, but when in flat position, it shouldn’t be shown. It should only appear when fader is out flat position (from 0dB till fader position).
    A picture found in internet that illustrates this:

    Searching the web for a picture, I found implementations that are similar to the way it is now. But I don’t think it’s the way to do it, since it lacks a physical meaning. Flat position, at the center, means no EQ operation at all. It only works when the fader is lowered or risen, which actuation is represented by the blue color (and the position itself). In fact, different color could be used when decreasing or increasing a band. Hope it’s clear now.


  13. Thanks for the clarification Infusion.
    We might implement this for a future release. At the moment it cannot be implemented like that due to the control used, so this will require a complete rewrite.


  14. I would appreciate any tips to migrate a MS SQL Server to MARIADB database in another machine with NEON Fat Boy Slim. It seems that shouln’t use MSSQL anymore. It may be useful to someone else. Thank you in advance.


  15. If you have an existing Neon MS SQL database you can try to:
    1) Create a new MariaDb with Neon
    2) Import your old MS SQL database into your active MariaDB database

    You can do the same if you have an old Helium 11 database, but replace step 2 with “FILE > Import from Helium 11”


  16. There is only a MS SQL in source machine (Helium 11) and MariaDb in target machine (Neon).

    Tryed to import under Neon FILE > Import from Helium 11 but returns an error (There is no database found).

    File > Restore (in Neon) from a Helium 11 Backup also doesn’t work.


  17. File > Restore (in Neon) can only restore backups made in Neon.

    Regarding the “Import from Helium 11” error, can you please contact us via our support center so that we can assist you further with this topic?


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