Neon release Gouryella now available!


The past weeks we have been working hard with this new release to be able to deliver a more complete and stable version.

What’s new in release Gouryella?

  • Visualization plug-in support. Run your favourite Sonique, Winamp 2/5, Windows Media Player or BassBox visualization plug-ins.
  • Possibility to customize shortcuts for various tools and commands.
  • Pictures filter in release and artist views which quickly allows filtering of items with or without pictures.
  • Possibility to load and save global filters.
  • Extensions to the script engine – scripts are now defined with a json file, which allows definition of a display name, a description of the scripts purpose and more. Click here for more details about the script changes.
  • Improvements to the Amazon plug-in.
  • An advanced search will show artists and releases in the results, if any.
  • File type available in the Global filter.
  • New operators for last played and added date, in the last X days | weeks | months | years, not in the last X days | weeks | months | years.
  • Play counter operator improvements in Global filter, Smart playlists and Advanced search.
  • Folder structure support for scripts in menues and Run script dialog.
  • Possibility to define custom sorting in releases and artists view.
  • Improvements to importing of Helium 11 databases.
  • Performance improvements for downloading of artist information.
  • Performance improvements for tagging operations.
  • Custom fields can be properly mapped to custom tag frames as in earlier Helium versions.
  • Release view and artist view filters are remembered during navigation.
  • Playing trend added to statistics.
  • File type trends added to statistics. This chart is interactive and specific series can be toggled on/off.
  • Bugfixes to similar albums.
  • Minor visual improvements to the Equalizer.

Helium Streamer

Helium Streamer have received lots of new features and corrections since last release. The most significant news are listed below:

  • New genre view
  • New track view
  • New year view
  • New search results page
  • Custom release types are now shown correctly
  • Play, queue next and queue last available from release details
  • Global search now also show tracks
  • Pressing enter in the global search takes you to the search results page
  • New tab on artist page that shows all tracks for artist
  • It’s now possible to remove tracks from the play queue
  • Corrections to play queue handling

Please report any issues found in this forum thread:

What’s planned for our next release, Hardfloor?

  • Release all our download plug-ins as Open Source
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing
  • Translation support

Interested in translating Neon?

If you are interested in helping us translating Neon, please contact us. As a thank for your help, you will receive a free license of the full product when released.


Click here to download Neon, build 12454

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3, build 1033

Click here to download additional visualization plug-ins


10 thoughts on “Neon release Gouryella now available!

  1. About how long should it take to import a 850 meg backup from version 11? Hours? days? a week + under the previous release I let it go for 3 days before shutting it down. It seems to get stuck on importing ratings (which is strange because I don’t normally use ratings)


    1. I’m importing right now. 21h long and still away from the finish. Processing 16/27 (ratings) is being a pain, the longer step till now. I don’t use ratings much, compared to size of collection. It seems to be searching for ratings in each file, even catalog knowing which they are.


  2. It sounds like something might not be correct with your import.
    An import of a MySql database with 2 users, lots of ratings per-user and 135k tracks should take maximum one hour on a decent machine.
    I would recommend all which has these problems to contact us via our support so that we can analyse this further and see if anything needs to be fixed or improved.

    Please contact us via:

    Be sure to include information about which database type you are trying to import from and what’s the destination (Neon’s) type is.

    Please note that we will most likely need a copy of the database you are trying to import to be able to test this in detail.


  3. There are a few features still missing that I hope will be added:
    The first is Sort Order. Right now, minimal use is made of this. I most prefer to browse my collection via Album Artist Sort Order. I can view in artist mode and select Album Artist, but sort order is not used (eg David Bowie is listed alphabetically as “David Bowie”, not “Bowie, David”. The same holds true if I use music explorer to view album artists.
    The second is that in the old helium if I set up album viewer to show my albums by Album Artist Sort Order, it would tell me how many albums were assigned to that Album Artist (eg it might say “David Bowie (28)”.


  4. I do like Helium M M but since version 11 it doesn’t run on windows xp, so I am still using HMM v10.5. Does neon run on xp?


  5. Hello I have a feature request / suggestion:
    In the artist view I would find it much more convenient to have a view that has the artist list from top to bottom in a frame next to the navigation pane/bar…. and in a frame to the right… show the details of the selected artist. This way I can easily view details of an artist. Right now I have to double click the artist to get the details. Then use the back button and double click the next artist.

    Btw the new engine for getting artist pictures and information is awesome!


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