Release Hardfloor now available!

Welcome to a new release of Neon, release Hardfloor!


What’s new in release Hardfloor

  • Up to three expressions can be used in the global filter
  • Support for five custom columns in tracklist. The contents in this columns can be freely customizable and use the Rename tools template system to render contents
  • Various new features in statistics based on todays date
  • Settings for how replay gain should be used
  • The volume gain set when the Equalizer is active can be overriden with replay gain values
  • Album and artist sort order settings are used in search results and more views
  • Many performance optimizations related to importing of databases from Helium 11 and from Neon
  • Improvements to sort order handling in the Music Explorer
  • Improvements to sort order handling in the Artist view
  • Possibility to filter in Genre view
  • Possibility to customize sub-structures of Music Explorer nodes
  • Possibility to select smaller or larger font sizes
  • Date/time formatting fixes in the Music Explorer
  • Card views now supports the selected thumbnail sizes
  • More available shortcut commands
  • Possibility to import Neon databases for migration purposes
  • The and Amazon plug-ins are released as open-source
  • Documentation of the plug-in API (
  • More help topics available
  • Optimize active database commands (defragmentation of indexes)
  • Bugfixes related to the Equalizer
  • Possibility to open the selected Webservice port in Windows Firewall in your Router
  • Album version available as a rename field
  • CD columns available in tracklists
  • Support for current track with value 0 (used for pre-gap tracks)
  • Improved keyboard handling in the tag editor (more similar to Helium 11)
  • Various visualization plug-in fixes
  • Various bugfixes in the tag engine related to reading of rating
  • Bugfixes to the Apply commands in the Tag editor

Helium Streamer 3 news

  • Fixed: Problem when posting now playing to is now corrected.
  • Pagination information is now shown in the top right corner on many pages.
  • Total number of tracks in playlists are shown in a small bubble to the right.
  • Total number of tracks in a genre is shown in a small bubble to the right.
  • Feature to clear the cache is now available from Settings.
  • Filters are now remembered when browsing back and forth.
  • Many minor UI and usability tweaks.

What’s planned for our next release, Infected Mushroom?

  • Implementation of the free version features
  • Evaluation of two new view modes
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing
  • Relase a new website
  • Take a summer break 😉


Click here to download Neon, build 14098

Click here to download Helium Streamer, build 1048



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