Welcome to release Infected Mushroom!


What’s new in this release?

  • Number of tracks per playlist shown in view
  • New progress indicators implemented
  • Bugfixes and improvements to Helium 11 import functions
  • Corrections to replaying logic
  • Multiple artist bugfixes for subtracks
  • Other tracks on artist details page is renamed to All tracks and will now show all tracks from the specific artist – a quick way to explore and handle all tracks from a specific artist
  • Improvements to how discography items are calculated
  • Frequency column introduced
  • New view modes for the releases and artists view – split mode. This is a very powerful view similar to Helium 11’s views for releases and artists where a list of items is presented to the left and a detail page to the right. Full support for real-time filtering and much more.
  • Portugese language
  • Corrections to double-clicking of tracks
  • Improvements for image caches per database
  • More help topics available – if you miss any specific help topic, please let us know
  • New script for cleaning of album paths
  • Corrections and improvements to the query engine
  • Possibility to save Equalizer settings
  • Language support for the Last.fm plug in
  • Improvements to album merge logic after tagging
  • New user-interface for statistics and more statistics available
  • Possibility to store sub-labels and formatted label profile information
  • Support for downloading of label images and label information
  • Linking between parent and sub-labels
  • Fixes for reported bugs
  • Implementation of free versus Premium features

What’s planned for our next release, Juno Reactor?

  • Documentation work
  • Website work
  • Final testing
  • Fine-tuning of the implemented features

Hopefully we will soon be ready to release this new version as our first official release!


Click here to download Neon, build 14146




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