New beta version of Helium 12 available

Welcome to this new beta version of Helium 12.

This beta version is the first beta we have released since Helium 12 was officially released a little more than a week ago.

This version contains mostly bug-fixes and small improvements, but also some new features. More new features will of course continue to be added, follow the forum to see what we are currently are working on.

News in this release:

  • Bugfix: Possible crashes in smart playlists if certain arguments were set
  • Improvement: Active folder are shown during add music operations
  • Improvement: Type in the artist view to jump to an artist matched by name
  • Bugfix: Several fixes related to editing of artist information
  • Improvement: Several improvements to importing of Helium 11 databases
  • Improvement: Several improvements to handle incorrect ID3v2 tag-frames
  • Improvement: Better error messages when trying to play unavailable files
  • Bugfix: Changing of artist, album and label pictures could not be performed due to locking of images
  • Improvement: Possibility to edit lookup data used in Tag editors from Options
  • Bugfix: Auto-lookup issues with the Album pane in the Tag editor
  • Improvement: Rename button is focused by default
  • Improvement: Release type is available in renaming and user defined columns
  • Improvement: Clickable label url shown on label details page
  • Improvement: Direct-editing can now be invoked with F2, cell-click or by directly typing
  • Bugfix: Certain locks could occur when adding files
  • Improvement: Three lines of playing information which can be fully customized
  • Improvement: Possibility to set shortcuts to calculate track gain and calculate album gain
  • Improvement: Window size and location are saved for more windows
  • Bugfix/improvement: Rename artist logic is rewritten to be quicker and more precise

As mentioned earlier, this is a beta version which is not fully tested in all scenarios.

Click here to download this version 

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