Helium 12.0.3 beta now available

Welcome to a new beta version of Helium 12!

This beta version contains a new improvements and bug fixes.
Our work with improvements to the application is continuing, follow the forum to see what we are currently are working on.

News in this release:

  • Improvement Play queue can be docked in the right sidebar. When docked in the right sidebar, you can drag tracks from tracklist to the Play queue as well as albums.
  • Improvement Picture filter available in Labels view
  • Improvement Improvements to dynamic tagging in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Bug fix Capitalization correctly handles words starting with numbers
  • Improvement Possibility to define what a user column in a track list should link to. Available link types are:
    -Artist detail page (main artist)
    -Label details
    -Release details
    -Track details
  • Improvement Backup of Sql Server databases requires user access due to Windows UAC handling
  • Bug fix CD information could be overwritten in the Tag editor when downloading track information
  • Improvement New statistics:
  • Improvement Save ID3v2 album artist tag with full external compatibility. Some external applications only handles album artists defined in the TPE2 frame (Band/orchestra). When this option is enabled (default) the band/orchestra field will not be enabled.
  • Improvement Possibility to quickly exit Tag editor with ESC (tap twice if you are in edit mode)
  • Improvement Natural sorting used for grouping of CDs in album details to avoid sortings like:
    -CD 1
    -CD 10
    -CD 11
    -CD 2
    -CD 3
  • Improvement Natural sorting used on Music Explorer nodes
  • Bug fix It was previously not possible to use Apply/Apply down on the Album version field in the Tag editor
  • Improvement New language, Spanish
  • Improvement Updates to several components

Apart from the improvements and fixes above we have also handled issues reported via the forum and the automatic bug reporting tool. A big thanks to everybody that has helped us to report issues.

Please note that this is a beta version meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

Click here to download this beta version of Helium 12.0.3

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