Helium 12.1 now available!

Welcome to the official release of Helium 12.1.

It’s been just over a month since we released the first version of Helium 12 and since then we have been working hard with new requested improvements, compatibility and stability fixes.

Major improvements in Helium 12.1

  • Possibility to toggle between tracklist and albums in the Music explorer and tracks view
  • Play queue can be docked in the right sidebar. When docked in the right sidebar, you can drag tracks from tracklist to the Play queue as well as albums
  • Several improvements to importing of Helium 11 databases
  • Several improvements to handle incorrect ID3v2 tag-frames
  • Possibility to edit lookup data used in Tag editors from Options
  • Release type is available in renaming and user defined columns
  • Three lines of playing information which can be fully customized
  • Possibility to capitalize all text fields using the active capitalization rules via the script engine
  • Possibility to set rating to one or more tracks in a tracklist via the context menu.
  • Possibility to filter contents of tracklists from Music explorer, Genre view, Year view and search results.
  • Possibility to save album picture to tags
  • New language, Spanish
  • Possibility to define what a user column in a track list should link to. Available link types are:
    -Artist detail page (main artist)
    -Label details
    -Release details
    -Track details
  • New statistics, Releases by release year and tracks by recording year
  • File properties will now show attached pictures
  • Possibility to execute a specific script via a shortcut
  • Possibility to inactivate detail page statistics. Useful to improve performance when using larger Sql Compact databases
  • Album collections filter available from the Albums view. An album can be set to belong to one or more collections, for example “To be tagged”, “To be listened to”, “High quality” via the context menu for an album. A new button located to the top-right in the Albums view allows you to quickly set which collection to be viewed as a static filter. You can still combine this filter with additional filters.
  • Possibility to set Release type for all tracks of an album via the context menu
  • Possibility to set Release type for the selected tracks via the context menu
  • Added date is available as a selectable tracklist column
  • New iOS applications of Helium Streamer and Helium Remote with full iOS 10 support
  • Possibility to edit album reviews and view them from album details
  • Grouping available as a column in track lists

Major bugfixes in Helium 12.1

  • Possible crashes in smart playlists if certain arguments were set
  • Corrections to alternation coloring in Playlists and Smart playlists
  • Selecting tracks from album details was not in correct order
  • Corrections to filename collisions in the converter and the CD-ripper
  • Template editing in Rename tool should now react to new templates
  • It was previously not possible to use Apply/Apply down on the Album version field in the Tag editor
  • Importing of playlist folders and playlists in folders works correct
  • User columns did not show data in the Playlist view

For a detailed list of all improvements and bug fixes, please see the prior beta posts:

Whats planned next?

We will continue to implement new features, we are mostly working on features requested via the forums.

If you miss a certain function or think that some function can be improved, please let us and the community know via our forum.
Click this here to open the feature requests forum.

As earlier we will release open beta versions every other week or when enough functions and fixes are available for testing via our announcement page, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have no exact date set when Helium 12.2 will be released, but be sure to follow the above channels to be updated about what’s going on.

News in Streamer 3

  • Improvements to replaying. HTML5 mode is now being used by default.
  • Improvements to replaying of subtracks.
  • Improvements to the search function.
  • Possibility to add folders in playlists and smart playlists.
  • Bugfix when adding music to collection. It was previously possible to get duplicates in the database if MySQL/MariaDb was being used.
  • Many minor enhancements and improvements.

Download the new versions


4 thoughts on “Helium 12.1 now available!

  1. Hi Mikael

    Some questions 🙂

    -lyrics seems not working – neither i can configure it. how can i use it?
    – i miss the “now playing” view from the old helium. is a comeback planned?
    – can i configure to show the album pic as background in the playlist view? i do not use the other views most, so it would be very nice if you make it possible 🙂


  2. @Jens:
    Lyrics should be shown if contained in the file you are playing.
    If not, please take contact with our suppoer for further help, http://support.imploded.com

    Yes, a replacement for the “old” now playing view is planned.

    >>can i configure to show the album pic as background in the playlist view?
    Do you mean the Play queue or playlist view?
    It has been requested to be supported for the Play queue view, but it cannot be supported for the playlist view since a playlist is not related to any specific album/artist.


    1. @Mikael

      yes i ment the Play queue view 🙂

      ahh okay thought there is a plugin that downloads lyrics from the internet if available. didnt know that they have already exist in the file.


  3. @Jens: Because of legal rights we are not allowed to distribute lyrics download plug-ins since a couple of year. Some plug-ins created by users have earlier been available from our forums, but I’m not sure about if they have been migrated to Helium 12 or not.


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