Minor Helium 12 update now available

A new minor update for Helium 12 is now available.

This update contains the following major changes:

  • New job queueing logic which allows tagging whilst playing and having queued jobs
  • French language added
  • Click on the player time to toggle between elapsed/remaining time
  • Proper updating of play counter and last played in the Play queue and track lists
  • Track list sorting is properly applied in the Music Explorer, Tracks view
  • Changed default sorting for Artist details > All tracks
  • More context driven statusbars
  • Size available as a column in track lists
  • The playlists a file is contained in is now shown in Propeties
  • Performance optimizations in the Music Explorer tree
  • Possibility to resize the left-bar in the Playlists view
  • Statistics on artist detail pages will now properly scroll when neccesary
  • Properly opening of files with foreign characters in the Analyse tool
  • Bug fix when manual enque mode could be lost in the Play queue after tagging
  • Bug fix related to writing of FLAC attached picture descriptions with foreign characters and incorrect text encoding
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements related to edit mode in track lists
  • Bug fixes related to saving of recording year in MP3 files
  • Bug fixes related to the Smart playlists select by functions
  • Bug fixes related to locking of multiple pictures in the Advanced tag editor
  • Reset button properly shows in Music Explorer albums view when using a filter
  • Visual improvements in the Rename tool

As usual a lot of more minor things which has been reported to us has also been corrected.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download Helium 12.1 (build 14399)


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