Welcome to Helium 12.3 beta 2

Since the first release of Helium 12.3 beta, we have continued to work with testing and improving the new features.

Below follows a list of improvements and fixes:


  • Quick editor available from release details
  • Possibility to cancel loading of files in the My Computer view
  • Performance optimizations in track lists views. If you are using custom columns an option is now available which allows you to inactivate rendering of these columns to improve loading speeds. Only custom columns with actual templates will be rendered.
  • Tooltips for each cell in track lists
  • Possibility to choose if extended information in playlists shall be exported or not
  • Possibility to perform a partial rename operation even if some files contains errors
  • Albums which contains reviews will display a small icon
  • Possibility to give user defined nodes in the Music Explorer a custom name
  • Customizable tooltips for albums and artists, rendered using the Tag to filename engine
  • Possibility to remove a file from multiple playlists from Properties
  • Tag to filename engine supports song length
  • Improvements to extract remix in the Tag editor
  • Possibility to change when a crossfade will start, from the length of the current song
  • Capitalization will be applied when pasting data in the Tag editor
  • Show play queue view will always show the play queue no matter docked or in fullscreen

Bug fixes

  • Fixes and improvements to backup and restore, more data is included and restored
  • Improvements to album review updating
  • Renaming files in the My Computer view properly updates the view
  • Bug fixes for selecting multiple releases from the artist details page
  • Bug fixes for extracting multiple artists
  • Bug fixes related to cut & paste in the Tag editor
  • Clean album picture works properly with multiple selections
  • Toggling of multi select releases fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements related to editing of multiple artists
  • Bug fixes related to pasting of artists in the Tag editor

Downloading and using the beta

Since the beta system was changed in Helium 12.3, some things works differently than before.
Click here to read more about it.

Click this link to download the new Helium 12.3 beta

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