Helium 12.3 officially released!

Welcome to Helium 12.3, the first release in 2017!


Major improvements in Helium 12.3

  • Brand new replaying engine with perfect gap-less playback and crossfading support.
  • My Computer view, a new view which allows you to work with files that are not yet added to your library. A perfect view to do pre-fixes of your meta data such as tagging and renaming before you include the files in your library.
  • The Quick editor is a new pane available for views with tracklists, including the above mentioned My Computer view. This pane allows you to quickly tag & correct tags in batch without the need to opening a specfic tool for that.
  • Possibility to select multiple albums and work efficient with the selelections of data.
  • Performance improvements in several views and tools.
  • Customizable tooltips for the releases and artists views.
  • Tooltips for cells in a trackklist.
  • Releases containing reviews will display a small icon.
  • Improvements to copy & paste, cut & paste functions in the Tag editor

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.3

  • Improvements and fixes for the backup & restore tools.
  • Various fixes related to editing of multiple artists
  • Various fixes related to album and artist handling during adding and updating of files
  • Fixes of reported issues

For a more detailed change log, please see these pages:

What’s planned next?

We have a large list of requests and internal improvements we are continuously working with. Many of the requests can be followed from our forum, where you also can request a new improvement if you miss a certain feature.

Parallell to the work with Helium 12 we are also working on new versions of the mobile applications for iOS and Android, which will come with support for album collections and more.

If you like Helium, please show us your appreciation by posting a review on our Facebook page. From that page as well as our forum and LinkedIn, you can always read our latest announcements.

News in Streamer 3.1

Helium Streamer has had a few updates which are listed below:

  • New Folders view.
  • Better sorting (e.g. 2 is now displayed before 10).
  • Support for creating new databases in Launcher.
  • Helium Streamer version is now displayed in Settings.
  • Support for editing, adding and deleting users in Settings.
  • Download tracks is now available on context menus.
  • Better handling when access is denied to tracks.
  • Remaining time can now be displayed in the player by clicking on the elapsed time indicator. Click once again to toggle back to elapsed time.
  • Check for updates has been added in Settings.
  • Lots of minor corrections, enhancements and adjustments.


Click here to download Helium 12.3

Click here to download Streamer 3.1

One thought on “Helium 12.3 officially released!

  1. Hello,

    I’m an IT-journalist, writing reviews about multimedia stuff in several german audio- and video-print-magazines.

    I’m interested in reviewing Helium, specially with the remote via smartphone. For me very interesting is the possibility in rating the music via remote.

    Please send me a press access for the premium version.

    You’ll find hints about my publications in googling my name.

    Thanks and beste regards
    Reinhard Paprotka

    Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Paprotka
    D-81241 Munich


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