Helium 12.4 beta now available

Welcome to a new beta version of Helium 12!


This beta version contains several new features and bug fixes, the most important are listed below:

Major improvements in Helium 12.4

  • Carousel view
    A new view mode for releases named the carousel view is included in this release. It is similar to the old “coverflow” view which existed in older version of Helium, but with more features:
    -The view can be customized to show a specific number of releases
    -The view can be customized to show releases with or without skewing
    -The view can be show items n a flat list with snap-to-item scrollingFrom the right-click menu you can use all of the commands for a release, just as from any other view.
    When a release is selected, all tracks for a release will be shown. From this list you will be able to access all functions for a specific track as well as the Quick Editor.

    Configuration of the carousel is made by right-clicking it (not not the active release).

    This view mode will of course allow you to use the quick filters also!


  • Track list for releases split mode
    Instead of displaying release details when working with the split mode, you can now choose to view the full track list for the release allowing you to quickly work with the tracks from the release.albumsplitmode
  • Track list for artists split mode
    It is now possible to display all tracks for a selected artist in split mode, instead of artist details.
  • Permission management per user
    It is possible to define which specific permissions a user shall have. For example, a user can be denied to edit tags and change pictures.
  • Only changed files will be updated during tagging.
    For example, when corecting spelling errors and only 2 of 20 files are corrected, only the two changed files will be updated. This will optimize tagging speed a lot.
  • Reordering of album collections
    It is posible to reorder album collections so that the order they are presented in within menues and filters will appear just as you prefer.
  • Filename, release type and rating fields are available in the Quick Editor
  • It is possible to clear pictures from a script
  • It is possible to search for specific content in album reviews via the advanced search
  • A new column for tracklists, Has lyrics, is available
  • Possibility to find duplicates for a specific file type
  • When playing tracks with album gain selected for gain adjusting and album gain does not exist, track gain will be used as a falback when available.
  • It is posible to search for specific content in lyrics fields via the advanced search
  • Has album review is available as an advanced search argument
  • Has AcoustId is available as an advanced search argument
  • It s possible to move one or more selected tracks first or last in the active track list
  • Improvements to playback latency depending on buffer size to achive a perfect synchronization with heard vs. visualized playing position
  • Major optimizations when tagging files which are not included in your library, from the My Computer view
  • New tracklist column, Position
  • Improvements when creating a backup and restore of MySql/MariaDb databases
  • When adding tracks to a playlist, the last added playlist is remembered
  • Filename column in the Tag editor

Bug corrections in Helium 12.4

  • Playing of files not stored in library now works correct from the Tag editors
  • Corrections to updating of user columns in the Play queue view
  • Corrections for finding duplicates for a specific folder
  • UI corrections for inplace editing in the My computer view
  • Corrections to hints for label detail items
  • Corrections when reading a mixture of file properties from ID3v2 and APEv2 tags

Apart from the above, this release contains multiple minor bug fixes and smaller optimizations as always.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this is a beta version meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

This beta version will NOT install into a specific beta folder, instead it will upgrade your existing Helium 12 installation and you can continue to use your settings without the need of cloning them.

If you find any bugs or such with this release, click here to let us know!

Click here to download this beta version of Helium 12.4

4 thoughts on “Helium 12.4 beta now available

  1. Just installed and noticed a small bug— Helium is not remembering the width of the Artists node when I exit and restart the program… it keeps defaulting to a narrower width even after I resize it. As soon as I close helium and restart it it’s back to the same narrow width.


  2. Yes, it’s my personal perspective, I see version 12 is a step backward in ease of use. I’ve had it installed for a couple of months and just deleted and reinstalled version 11. I’ve been a user since v9, and just couldn’t get to grips with all the changes. Seems very much style over substance.


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