Helium 12.4 RC now available!

Welcome to Helium 12.4 RC.

This version is the last planned release before we release 12.4 officially, which will happen in a few weeks.

Improvements in this version

  • New tab on label details, All tracks which will show all tracks from this label.
  • Better multi-monitor support
  • Sorting of rename templates
  • Improvements to cleanup of temporary files
  • Various user interface improvements

Bug fixes in this version

  • Ogg conversion settings are properly saved/restored
  • DirectSound playback shows correct playing position
  • Grouping of releases is properly preserved after editing artist details
  • Cancellning a picture update from a detail page will no longer show an empty image
  • Gain values are properly set and preserved when editing subtracks
  • Corrections to removing of folders in the Music Explorer
  • Various reported bug fixes and stability improvements

Working with the release candidate

The release candidate version is almost completed, but some glitches can still remain. Please note that this version will upgrade the database and therefore to be able to use it together with Streamer 3 you will need to use the updated Streamer 3 (read more below)

News in Streamer 3.2 RC

  • Support for translations
    English and Swedish currently available.
  • Light theme
    Try out the new light theme by switching to it in Settings.
  • New labels view
    This new view closely resembles the one already present in Helium 12. Labels can be filtered by name. Total number of tracks from the label is shown in a bubble on each label.
  • Filter added to genres view
    Type something in the new filter box to only show genres that matches the search criteria.
  • Track list can now be sorted in Tracks view
    Click on the column headers to sort ascending or descending.
  • Album collections created in Helium will now be loaded and available in the releases view
    The possibility to manage album collections as well as adding and removing albums from them will come in a later version.
  • Added experimental support for SSL
    This can be tested by adding a “UseSsl” flag (set to true) in the config.json file, under the “Host” entry.

Click here to download Helium 12.4 rc

Click here to download Streamer 3



3 thoughts on “Helium 12.4 RC now available!

  1. The column sizes on the nodes on the left (Releases, Artists, etc.) are not remembered. If you make, say, the artists column wider to be able to read all the names and exit Helium, when you relaunch the program the column are all set back to their default widths.


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