Helium 12.4 is here!

Welcome to a brand new Helium 12 version!

Major improvements to Helium 12.4

  • Carousel view which allows albums to be viewed in a cover-flow style. Fully customizable for displaying number of items, perspective and more.
  • Track list instead of detailed view for the releases and artists view in split mode.
  • Permission management per user allowing to set permissions what a specific user can and cannot do.
  • Smarter saving of tags, only contents that are actually changed will be saved and therefore saving of tags will be more efficient.
  • Album collections can be reordered and the Release tooltip template can be configured to display which album collections a release is contained in.
  • Possibility to use genre style grouping in the Genres view as well as possibility to manage genre styles and contained genres.
  • Possibility to set more descriptive names for rename templates.
  • Copy tags tool which allows copying and transcoding of tag contents between files and different formats.
  • Several new track list columns has been added.
  • New search fields has been added.
  • Several of the the views are loaded on demand, leading to increased performance and less memory consumption.
  • Several improvements to shortcuts and keyboard handling.
  • More information shown for playlist folders
  • Various user interface improvements

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.4

  • Many fixes related to memory consumption and some memory leaks.
  • Corrections to replaying of files from several tools.
  • Gain related fixes for subtrack tagging
  • Various corrections to the duplicate finder
  • Improved cancellation handling for the split and convert tools.
  • Corrected handling for updating of pictures.
  • Deleting of playlist folders removes child contents properly

For more detailed change logs, please see the following pages:

What’s next?

There are always a lot of things going on, visit our forums to get the most recent information as well as be able  to come with input for a specific feature.

You can help us to spread the word about Helium either on a specific blog or by leaving a review on our Facebook page.
For the 20 first uses which leaves a review on Facebook we will give you a free Helium 12 Premium and a Streamer 3 license, for existing users we will upgrade your Helium license to a lifetime license.
For more information, please contact us.


Click here to download Helium 12.4


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