News about Helium 13

At the moment we are working with our upcoming major release, Helium 13.

This version is still under construction and we have no exact date of release yet. Most likely we will release one or more beta versions before the official release.

Major new features

  • Rewritten Music Explorer. We have rewritten the Music Explorer to be more performant, with better updating of the user interface when switching between views. It also comes with new nodes; Album collections, Collections/volumes (see more below) as well as Untagged items.
  • Audio Joiner tool which lets you join several audio files into one. You can take files from various input formats and convert to an output format of your choice. The tool supports volume normalization and pitching.
  • Possibility to restrict the views a user will have access to see and use.
  • File format type support for releases and filters as well as displaying in releases.
  • Possibility to lock playlists from modification.
  • Support for tracklists below the content pane for the releases, artists and labels view.
  • Advanced filtering support for Music explorer, Releases, Artists, Labels, Tracks, Genres and Years views. This new filter allows you to create an advanced filter per view with support for Collections/volumes (see more below) and more. These new filters supersedes the old global filter function.Advanced filter with instant filters (Releases, Artists, Labels and Tracks view)
    filter1Advanced filters only (Music explorer, Genres and Years view)
  • Toolbar command support. Create your own toolbar with frequently used commands in your preferred order, title and colors. (See screenshots above)
  • Collection/volume support is back. This feature allows you to put a track into one or more volume which can be used in searches and filtering. This combines the “old” collection/volume support with the “old” categories function. During add you can select which volume a track should be added to as well as create rules based on path which volumes a track should automatically be mapped to. These rules also apply during moving/renaming of tracks. Collection/volume comes with full integration in the Music explorer, filters and advanced searches.managevol.png
  • Editing and displaying of lyrics with support for HTML formatted content.

Apart from all news listed above we have been working a lot with performance and stability fixes to make Helium 13 even better than before.


4 thoughts on “News about Helium 13

  1. Great but it would be nice to see some improvements in tagging features and speeds. I still don’t see a way of managing pictures as well as competing software.


    1. Thanks for your feedback Chris.
      Performance optimizations will be included for various parts.

      Which kind of improvements for tagging and picture management would you like to see?
      Any feedback is welcome, please let us know.


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