Welcome to the first beta of Helium 13


The first beta version of Helium 13 is now available for downloading.

Major features and improvements

  • Rewritten Music Explorer with new nodes and better features.
  • Audio Joiner tool.
  • File synchronization tool.
  • Possibility to customize which views a specfic user shall have access to .
  • File format type support for releases and filters as well as displaying in releases.
  • Possibility to lock playlists from modification.
  • Support for tracklists below the content pane for the releases, artists and labels view.
  • Advanced filtering support for Music explorer, Releases, Artists, Labels, Tracks, Genres and Years views.
  • Improvements to backup and restore
  • Possibility to create your own toolbar with frequently used tools.
  • Major speed improvement when tagging MP3 and FLAC files.
  • Collection/volume support is back and with new powerful features.
  • Support for General plugins as well of he possibility to develop own general plugins
  • Editing and displaying of lyrics with support for HTML formatted content.

Click here to see a detailed description of some of the new major new features and improvements.

Helium Streamer 3.3

Helium Streamer 3.3 will be the next release of Helium Streamer. It will only be compatible with databases created with Helium 13. The main focus with this release has been to move towards multi-platform support. The ultimate goal is to make Helium Streamer available on Linux and Mac OS apart from Windows. Even though we’re not yet there we have made significant progress.


We have added a first version of a statistics view to Helium Streamer 3.3. It currently displays the following graphs:

  • Releases by release year
  • Tracks by recording year
  • Top artists
  • Top genres
  • Top labels
  • Release types
  • File types
  • Track ratings
  • Album ratings
  • Artist ratings

More statistics is planned and will come in an upcoming release.


Download Helium 13 beta

Click here to download Helium 13 beta.
Please note that all licenses for Helium 12 will work with this release.

Downloading Helium Streamer 3.3 beta

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3.3 beta.
Please note that all licenses for Helium Streamer 3.2 will work with this release.

Working with beta versions

Please note that these are beta versions meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

These beta versions will install into a specific folder so that you can have both Helium 12 and 13 installed at the same time, as well as Helium Streamer 3.2 and 3.3.

Any databases that are opened with Helium 13 will not be usable in Helium 12 since they will become upgraded.

Please backup your database and settings before installing this version.

If you find any bugs or such with these releases, click here to let us know!



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