Helium 13 RC now available

Welcome to Helium 13 Release candidate (RC)!


Major changes in this version

  • Convert files will use multiple CPU cores for better speed
  • Possibility to add tracks, albums, playlists and folders to the File synchronization tool via the context menu
  • Release type mapping support. It is now possible to map a specific text-frame to a release type for MP3 and MP4/M4A files
  • Filter improvements in similar artists view
  • Release type overlays uses dynamic sizes and more consistent looks
  • Updated components
  • Better handling of FLAC files with seektables
  • Various refresh improvements
  • Improvements to subtrack tagging
  • Improvements for Quick tag editor tag writing
  • Improvements for WAV tag writing and reading
  • Improvements when removing tags

Helium Streamer 3.3 RC

Helium Streamer comes with a couple of new features in this RC release. Here are the most important news in this release:

  • User permissions
    Helium Streamer now uses the same permission system as Helium does. The permissions set on a user in Helium is used in Helium Streamer and vice versa. Not all permissions makes sense to support in Helium Streamer, but most does. You can edit permissions for a user from the Settings page.2017-11-09_2054_001
  • Album collection management
    It was previously possible to filter for album collections in Helium Streamer but you could only use album collections set from Helium. It is now possible to add and remove collections from an album, as well as create, edit and delete album collections (available from Settings).
  • Multiple thumbnail sizes
    It is now possible to switch to medium or small sized thumbnails from Settings.
  • More statistics
    The statistics page has been expanded with a bit more information.2017-11-09_2055

Download Helium 13 RC

Click here to download Helium 13 RC

Please note that all licenses for Helium 12 will still work with this release.

Download Helium Streamer 3.3 RC

Click here to download Streamer 3.3 RC

Please note that all licenses for Streamer 3 will still work with this release.

Working with the RC versions

Please note that these versions are still not officially released meaning that all tools and features are not yet 100% tested.

The release candidatesĀ will install into a specific folder so that you can have both Helium 12 and 13 installed at the same time, as well as previous versions of Helium Streamer 3 together with the 3.3 RC release.

Any databases that are opened with Helium 13 will not be usable in Helium 12 or previous releases of Helium Streamer 3 since they will become upgraded.

Please backup your database and settings before installing any of these versions.

If you find any bugs or other problems with these releases, click here to let us know!

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