Helium 13 is now officially released!

We are today very proud to present you the first official version of Helium 13!

Major news in Helium 13

  • Rewritten Music Explorer, offering more nodes, better performance and refreshes
  • Audio joiner tool
  • Much more possibilities to restrict user policies
  • Advanced filtering support for the Music Explorer, Releases, Artists, Labels, Tracks, Genres and Years. These new filters are per-view and replaces the old global filter.
  • Support for Collections and volumes
  • Fully customized toolbar for quick access to the tools you prefer
  • Support for General purpose plug-ins with a fully open API and sample code
  • File synchronization tool with full MTP device support
  • Shared playlists support
  • Major performance improvements when tagging files
  • New versions of our mobile apps

To read more about all changes in detail, please see the following links:

Upgrading to Helium 13

If you purchased Helium 12 less than a year ago you will get the Helium 13 update for free.
For users that purchased Helium 12 more than a year ago or if you are using an older version, you can upgrade to Helium 13 for a rebated price from our Customer center.

New keys will automatically be send to users that will have the update for free.

Downloading Helium 13

Download Helium 13 from our official website, http://www.helium.fm


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