2018’s first Helium update

Welcome to a new Helium update, the first one for this year.

This update is a minor update with some new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The most relevant changes includes:

  • System volume changes are visualized in Helium
  • Improvements to attached pictures MIME handling
  • File synchronization tool properly supports cancellation
  • Corrections to genre handling when genres mapped to tracks can be null
  • Improvements to updates for the release details page
  • Various component updates
  • Corrections to user interface updates (Dispatcher) when using the Advanced tag editor from various views
  • Improvements to the scripting engine, more fields are supported
  • Possibility to set/update artists pictures via scripting
  • Possibility to use rescaling of pictures from scripts
  • Improvements to editing of multiple genres
  • Support for Smart playlists in File synchronization
  • Updates to the Android apps
  • Unknown albums will no longer be included in the album picture handling
  • Several improvements to the file copying tool
  • Major improvements to M4A file and tagging, mainly compatibility related
  • Improvements to the inplace editing in the Tag editor
  • Prevention of adding duplicates to the File synchronization tool
  • Possibility to select output device and buffer level when DirectSound is used instead of WASAPI
  • Improvements to the preloading in the player

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.


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