New update for Helium 13

A new update for Helium 13 is now available with the following major changes:

  • It is now possible to start tools without the need of selecting files, if no specific files are selected all files will be selected by default for quicker invocation
  • Grouping on numerical fields are now properly sorted (CD, Bpm etc)
  • Multiple improvements to the File synchronize tool
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Multiple improvements for the pending tag queue
  • Player marker properly synchronized in track lists
  • Improvements to extraction of multiple artists
  • Corrections to album artist sorting in the Music Explorer
  • New versions of the mobile apps
  • Possibility to download picture from Tag editor for files that does not exist in the Library
  • Edit multiple artists in the Tag editor via the F2 key
  • Possibility to group on artist in the Music Explorer
  • Improvements to threading during converting of files
  • Component upgrades

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs and fixed some minor improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.


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