New update for Helium 13 available

A new update for Helium 13 is now available with the following major changes:

  • Bug fix: Russian language not set properly
  • Bug fix: When the current song was changed in statistics view, Helium could stop
  • Bug fix: Corrections for selection handling when no files were selected
  • Improvement: Sorting is used for albums in the Now playing view
  • Improvement: Improvements to persisting of columns between sessions
  • Improvement: Duplicate items with the worst quality is auto selected in the Duplicate finder
  • Improvement: Minor improvemens to the UI when importing a Helium 11 database
  • Improvement: Possibility to auto-set total tracks in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Bug fix: Better restoring of prior view when navigating between views
  • Bug fix: Track list not properly shown in Labels view
  • Bug fix: Current track not always properly set when using the Auto inc/dec track in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Improvement: Selected files shown in statusbar
  • Improvement: Better error handling and logging in the File Synchronize tool
  • Bug fix: MP4 encoding settings not used properly
  • Improvement: BASS library updated to the most recent version
  • Bug fix: Various fixes when converting to WAVE files
  • Improvement Column sorting rememered in track lists
  • Bug fix: ID3v2 specific tag settings could affect other tag formats
  • Bug fix: When converting to VBR files, clicks could be appended to the start of the resulting file
  • Improvement: Capitalizer will not affect lock fields in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Improvement: Updated MySql connector
  • Improvement: Updates to graphical components

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs and fixed some minor improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.


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