Helium 13.1 now available

Helium 13.1 is now available with the following major changes and fixes:

  • Support for UTF8 encoded CUE files
  • Bits per sample shown in file properties overview
  • Various fixes to the scripting enging when commiting tags
  • Component updates
  • Bug fix: After adding tracks to a playlist, adding tracks to the same playlist will not work until a restart of Helium
  • Major improvements and fixes to reading and writing FLAC tags
  • Custom nodes in Music Explorer properly updated when changing language
  • Possibility to hide time-markers in waveform/spectrogram
  • Improvements to editing of Involved peoples/Musician credits list
  • Improvements to view refreshing after editing tags in the Artist view, split mode
  • Progress when applying tags is properly shown
  • Progress dialog when deleting files from the Duplicate finder tool
  • Compability impovement, support for reading null-separated genres as multiple genres
  • Improvements and corrections to the Tag to filename engine
  • Recording year can be properly removed with the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Corrections when creating new users
  • Theme fixes for light theme related to lyrics and biography
  • Update corrections when editing artist biographies
  • Possility to select which formats to add when using  the Add tool
  • Favourites column will show a heart icon
  • Possibility to mark/unmark one or more tracks as favourite from tracklists

As usual, more than the above fixes we have also corrected reported bugs and added minor requested improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version as soon as possible

Click here to download the new version


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