Helium 13.2 beta now available


A new beta version of Helium 13.2 is now available for pre-testing.

This version is not ready for official release yet, but you can start to test the new features today if you like. Just install it on top of your current Helium 13 release and start to work with it. The version does not contain any database changes so it will be fully compatible with the current official release.

Major changes

  • New tool, Action manager – The scripting support introduced in Helium 12 is very powerful when it comes to created automated tasks with custom logic. It is a bit complex though, since it requires that the end-user has knowledge of basic programming within the .NET language. The Action manager is similar to the tool which existed in older Helium versions which allows you to automate tasks without the needing of scripting knowledge. Please note that this tool is not fully completed, it is missing some translations and QA testing.
  • MySql 8 support. Several SQL statements has been updated to support MySql 8. This version of Helium also comes with updated MySql drivers.
  • Visual icons has been added for several columns. You can control if you would like to display icons only for this columns or icons together with text.
  • Quality column introduced.
  •  The window (task-bar) title can scroll to show the full information about the song currently being played.
  • Possibility to multi-select suggested tracks and perform actions against them.
  • A specific artists age is calculated and shown in artist details. (requires that at least born date is filled)
  • Possibility con control how downloaded track-information should be merged/overwritten more in detail.
  • Extended error logging when adding tracks to the Library.
  • Possibility to set favourite from scripts.
  • Possibility to work with multiple artists from scripts.
  • Track download plugins can use multiple artists.

Apart from the above improvements, this version also contains bug corrections and minor improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note all functions in this beta version is not fully completed. Functions might not have passed all QA testing and can miss translation texts.

This beta version cannot be installed parallell to the official Helium 13 version.

Please work with backup files when working with new tools such as the Action manager in this version.

If you find any bugs or if you have feedabck, please let us know by clicking here.

Click here to download Helium 13.2 beta.



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