New beta of Helium 13.2 available

A new beta version of Helium 13.2 is now available for pre-testing.

This version is not ready for official release yet, but you can start to test the new features today if you like. Just install it on top of your current Helium 13 release and start to work with it. The version does not contain any database changes so it will be fully compatible with the current official release.

Major changes

  • Smart play function for the Tag editors: Easily skip between intro, break and outtro positions (configurable) with just one click.
  • Volume change button added to the Tag editors
  • Song position label added to the Tag editors
  • Support for multiple track-download plugin-ins in the Tag editor
  • New plug-in, MusicBrainz. Supports album pictures and tracks
  • Tag editor stores and updates MusicBrainz album and track IDs on tags and in the database (when downloaded or previously existing)
  • Updates and improvements for MySql backup tool
  • Various updates and minor improvements for the Action manager tool
  • Support for Tag-to-filename codes in the Action manager tool
  • Improvements to the Update library process, sync dates are handled better thus reducing unnecessary synchronization jobs
  • Updates of multiple components
  • Improved compatibility for album artist TXXX tag-fields (read/write)
  • Possibility to access Capitalizer and Word replacer settings from the Tag editors
  • The script engine uses a new compiler which supports c# v6 and v7.
    NOTE: Previously existing scripts will no longer be compatible without a small change, the namespace declaration must be removed from the script.
  • Full timestamps included on backup filenames
  • Bugfix: Subtracks are ont properly added to the database after editing
  • Bugfix: The Duplicate finder could not always be properly started
  • Bugfix: Multiple genres could sometimes create an extra empty genre
  • Bugfix: Writing of FLAC tags with multiple application tag-blocks did not worked properly
  • Bugfix: Simple search does not show artists with pictures as matches

Apart from the above improvements, this version also contains bug corrections and minor improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note all functions in this beta version is not fully completed. Functions might not have passed all QA testing and can miss translation texts.

This beta version cannot be installed parallel to the official Helium 13 version.

Please work with backup files when working with new tools such as the Action manager in this version.

If you find any bugs or if you have feedabck, please let us know by clicking here.

Click here to download Helium 13.2 beta.


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