Helium 13.5 beta and Streamer 3.4 beta now available

A new beta version of Helium 13 is now available for testing together with an update of Helium Streamer.

This biggest change in this version is the deprecation of the Sql Server Compact default database type which is replaced with SQLite.

SQLite is a more platform independent database type and it also can be quicker than Sql Server Compact for certain operations.

If you have a Sql Server Compact database active whilst starting Helium 13.5 it will automatically be migrated to SQLite.

Starting with this version you will no longer be able to create new Sql Server Compact databases, instead you will be able to create SQLite databases.

It will still be possible to import Sql Server Compact databases into SQLite, Sql Server and MySql databases with this release.

The prior beta version was cancelled due to issues with SQLite but it shall hopefully work now. A few other new new things has also been added since the first release.

Other major changes in this release

  • Icons in the Music Explorer for various node types which allows a quicker overview of which actual data type a specific node is of.
  • Preview: Support for Playlists in the Music Explorer
  • Preview: Drag and drop from the track list to Playlists in the Music Explorer.
    Note: The mouse cursor does change when dragging over nodes yet.
  • Country filter in the Artists view
  • Artist/group filter in the Artists view
  • Possibility to save and load columns for each view with track lists
  • Synchronizing content data (data shown in tag editor drop-downs) from the database
  • New tracklist columns: Media and Procuced
  • Improvements to generated playlist when using the File synchronizing tool for better compatibility with Rekordbox and Traktor
  • Possibility to change tempo (-30% to +30%) for the song currently being played. If the song has BPM set, the new BPM will be shown. The function is available from the context menu on the player.
  • Order a playlist using tonality keys and related algorithms to create harmonic mixed playlists
  • Improved error reporting when copying and moving tracks to external folders
  • Improved error handling when unhandled exception occurs including persisting of settings to minimize lost data
  • Improvements to playlist summary data when adding tracks to playlists
  • Improvements for add to default playlist (minimized refreshes)
  • Improvements to fetching of data in the artist view
  • Better handling of MySql databases whose connections has been lost

Apart from the above new features and improvements, this version comes with several bug fixes and minor improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note all functions in this beta version is not fully completed. Functions might not have passed all QA testing and translation texts can be missing.

This beta version cannot be installed parallel to the official Helium 13 version.

If you find any bugs or if you have feedback, please let us know by clicking here.

Click here to download Helium 13.5 beta

Helium Streamer 3.4 beta

Together with the beta version of Helium we also present a compatible version of Helium Streamer. This beta version comes with a few new features as well:

  • New transcoding engine. There have been some problems with the old transcoding engine which caused some tracks to not transcode correctly, or at all. Some users had big problems with this while some did not experience it at all. This release comes with a preview of a new transcoder which uses FFmpeg behind the scenes.
  • Artist relations. If you have set up artist relations in Helium these will now show up on the artist page just like in Helium.
  • SQLite support. This version of Helium Streamer also has support for the new database engine which will be the default database in upcoming releases of Helium and Helium Streamer.

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3.4 beta.


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