Helium 14.1 beta now available

The revised splitter tool in Helium 14.1

Major changes in this version

  • Support for adding, tagging, playing and converting AIFF files. The AIFF support is seamless in Helium meaning that it will behave just like any other supported formats.
  • Waveform view in the Splitter tool which allows a more visual and precise method to adjust start and end offsets for a track that shall be splittered.
  • Updated SQLite and MySQL database drivers.
  • Improvements when loading actions in the Action manager.
  • Sorting improvements in Album details
  • Possibility to update original fields via scriping
  • Translation updates

As usual, we have also corrected issues reported from users and made some minor improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is not 100% tested yet, if you find anything that does not seems to work as it should, please let us know.

When working with AIFF files, we recommend that you use copies of your files, since the handling of AIFF files is a totally new feature.

This version does NOT perform any database upgrades, meaning that it will work with the current official version of Helium 14 and Streamer 4.

Windows 7 users:
Make sure that you have the following hot-fix installed:

Click here to download Helium 14.1 beta

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