Helium 14.3 beta 1 available

Welcome to a new Helium 14 beta version which contains various update and improvements.

Major changes in this version

  • Possibility to configure which fields that shall be included for finding track results when using the simple search. Select which fields to include/exclude directly from the new context-menu which opens when clicking the magnifier icon in the simple search.
  • Smarter and quicker handling of cached thumbnails. Each library will have its own cache to speed up loading and manage conflicts better.
  • Improvements to touch handling when working with touch screens
  • The select playlist dialog comes with full folder support
  • Multiple improvements to multiselections in the releases view used when deleting , tagging and queueing releases
  • Drag and drop support for drag and move a playlist to a folder in the Playlists view
  • Drag and drop a playlist directly to the Play queue to queue it
  • Left Navigation bar width is stored between sessions
  • Adding skips Opus files identified as Vorbis files, instead of crashing
  • Component updates, giving better performance in grouped views
  • ID3v2 tag compatibility improvements
  • Database driver updates
  • Minor improvements to the installer

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is not 100% tested yet, if you find anything that does not seems to work as it should, please let us know.

If you submit an issue, please be sure to include as much reproduction information as possible so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

This version will not perform database upgrades, meaning that it will work with the current official version of Helium 14 and Streamer 4. We recommend you to take a backup of your database before working with this version.

Windows 7 users:
Make sure that you have the following hot-fix installed:

Click here to download Helium 14.3 beta

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