Helium 15 beta 5 now available

Welcome to Helium 15 beta 5.

This version contains various fixes and new features since Helium 15 beta 4 was released.

Changes in this version

  • Reorganized the main menu and context menus for a more optimized workflow. Menus are now much more logical in their order and what names that are being used on menu items.
  • Various improvements to the CD Ripper. Downloading of data, parsing of data and other fixes.
  • Big improvements to the Optimize library feature.
    • Possibility to select which database optimization steps to be performed. This can greatly speed up the optimization on large databases, if you only wish to run certain optimizations.
    • A new optimization step that will remove all unused artists in the database. Unused artists can be left in the database either if they have previously been in the database but has been removed, or if an incorrectly names artist have been renamed (the old incorrectly named artist may still be there in that case). Some of these problems have only arised for users who have used Helium for a long period of time, through many different releases.
  • A help button is available at the title bar for all tools that supports help (pressing F1 on the keyboard still works as before)
  • Active track view (available from the visualizations menu), a new “fullscreen” view that shows rotating (optional) album and artist art with controllable speed plus lyrics for the track currently playing:
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is a beta, meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.
Any databases that are opened with Helium 15 will be usable in Helium 14 since they will not be upgraded.

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Click here to download Helium 15 beta 5

4 thoughts on “Helium 15 beta 5 now available

  1. Hi … I know this is a beta… but :/
    soooo many items in the gui is just BROKEN….BORKED!!!!

    Just one example…
    Clean install of 15beta5
    started helium…
    added some files…
    open view menu….
    select “open viewbar expanded”…
    deselect “Show views bar”….

    now i just got a BIG BLANK FEILD of the space where the expanded view bar was…
    Should it not shink(hide) and resice the field?? ?

    bETA IS beta… but this is only ONE of many MANY things…not working in the GUI… 🙂

    “Entire library”, “Album collections” and some of the “User defined x” ..None of the other…

    Bet you know this… but still 🙂
    Just to let you know…


  2. Thanks for your report.
    Unfortunately I could not reproduce the views bar issue as described.
    Expaning/collapsing works as designed, tested on Win10 and Win11.

    >>“Entire library”, “Album collections” and some of the “User defined x” ..None of the other…
    This also worked during our tests. Album collections might be empty as well as user defined unless you have configured data for these nodes.

    We are interested in analysing your specific issues further, can you please contact us via our support?

    Thanks in advance!


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