Update for Helium 15.2 now available

An update to Helium 15.2 is now available, please read about the details below.

Major updates in this version

  • Improved error handling in the File synchronization tool
  • Improvements to WavPack reading
  • Rename tool invokes album handling when needed
  • Corrections to database upgrading
  • Corrections to Genre style management
  • Updated database drivers
  • Retry failover for MySql when a connection is lost from the server
  • Update user defined fields after a rename operation
  • Auto-size columns improvements
  • Rearranged the Play queue context menu
  • Auto-size columns are saved between sessions
  • Various Quick tag editor fixes
  • Improvements to import playlists
  • Artist shown in mini-player
  • Corrections to max lyrics lengths during adding
  • UI fixes for the Convert to tool
  • UI fixed for the Advanced search tool
  • Possibility to export multiple playlists from the Playlists view
  • Possibility to select multple playlists in the File synchronization tool
  • Improvements to album handling
  • Possibility to logout (reauthorize) to Last.fm
  • Setting for disabling Windows overlay
  • Possibility to set WASAPI period
  • Smart play available from the player
  • Multiple elements in the player can be hidden by the user

As usual, there are also a lot of minor things corrected in this version.

We recommend all users to update to this release since it contains important corrections.

Click here to download the updated Helium 15.2 version

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