Welcome to Helium 15.3 beta 1

One of the main goals with this version has been to improve database connectivity and reduce possible timeouts and related issues.

This change has affected the most of the code, therefore we decided to release this version as a beta initially.

Major changes in this version

  • Rewritten database connectivity and improved transaction handling
  • Exposed more database settings
  • Improvements to column auto-sizing, a global setting is available for this.
  • Possibilities to filter extended logging
  • Improved shortcuts in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Improvements to Remote API communication
  • Improvements and fixes for multiple artist mapping in the Releases view
  • Corrections to split file tool
  • Corrections to restore MySql and better progess
  • Various bugfixes and minor improvements

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is a beta, meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

No database upgrades will be performed with this version so databases will still be compatible with Helium 15.2.

Please backup your database and settings before installing this version.

Click here to download Helium 15.3 beta

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