Welcome to Helium 15.4 beta 1

Helium 15.4 comes with many improvements on what Helium is best at – tagging!

Our focus has been to improve the tagging in track lists so that you do not need to open the tag editors if you only need quick and easy or batch tagging tools.

To edit tags from a tracklist, you can either click the rightmost cog icon and select Enable edit mode, select it from the context menu, Track list > Enable edit mode or by pressing Shift+F2.

When edit mode is enabled, you will see a toolbar below the tracklist with the following content:

  • A Tools button with mutiple available commands, more on that topic later.
  • A button which will toggle the Capitalizer/word replacer on/off
  • A button which will allow you to undo all changes and reload the original data for the tracks in the view.
  • A button that will apply the changes to the changed tracks.

Tagging works much as in the Tag Editor: Select a cell, press F2 or start to typ to change the contents.

Pressing delete will remove the contents for the selected cells, meaning that you can quickly remove unwanted content this way.

Some cells will have gray background to mark that they cannot be edited. Examples of such cells are typical read only values such as song length, bitrate and similar fields.

New batch tools available in the track list editors

To make the tagging just as quick as in the Tag Editor, we have exposed the following batch tools:

  • Apply down, also available by pressing Ctrl+D
  • Auto-track, also available by pressing Ctrl+T
  • Multiple switch commands which will switch the content of the selected cells with the target cell.
  • Multiple extract commands which will extract one or more values from the selected cells.
  • Custom extraction command which will let you visually extract contents from the selected cells using a template.
  • A possibility to capitalize the selected cells using the capitalizer/word replacer logic.
  • A filename to tag feature which will allow you to extract one or more fields from the filenames of the selected cells.
  • Possibility to download track information on album level (based on selected tracks) for really quick tagging. For albums with multiple CDs, be sure to select the files for each CD for each download batch.

These batch tagging tools are available under the Tools button from the toolbar below the track list and from the context menu under Tagging tools.

Track list editing is available from the following views:

  • Music Explorer
  • Album details
  • Label details
  • Tracks
  • Genres
  • Years
  • My Computer

For the My Computer view, you do not need to have the files added to your library (but it will of course work with files in your library also)!

Note: It’s not possible to edit subtracks from the track lists. You will need to use the Subtrack editor for that.

Other changes in this version

  • Bits per sample added as a database field. You can view this field in track lists, search on it as well as view it on album tool tips. It’s also when using scripts.
  • Multiple improvements for the Re-rip tool.
  • We have added support to download picture from the Advanced Tag Editor.
  • It’s possible to paste pictures from the clipboard in the Tag Editor and the Advanced Tag Editor.
  • Improvements to downloading of album pictures from the Album details view.
  • You can now save attached pictures from the Tag Editor and the Advanced Tag Editor.
  • It’s possible to copy the Album picture in the Tag Editor to the opened files tags.
  • An iterator variable is implemented in the Tag to filename tool.
  • A new variable, {{filenamenoext}}, has been added to the Tag to filename tool. This variable returns the filename of the file without path and extension.
  • Channels are displayed in File properties
  • It’s possible to select channel encoding mode when converting/encoding MP3 files.
  • Polish translation has been added.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Tooltips in the Music Explorer has been added to display truncated text better.
  • When ripping files, the album picture is properly copied and named using the naming rules.
  • Corrections to tool buttons in the CD ripper.
  • Improvements to reading of APE files.
  • Improvements to reading Ogg bitrate.
  • Improvements to Subtrack playback.
  • Helium’s version is included in backup filenames for a better overview.
  • BASS libs are updated.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is a beta, meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

A database upgrade will be performed with this version so databases will not be compatible with Helium 15.3.

Please backup your database and settings before installing this version.

Click here to download Helium 15.4 beta 1

Helium Streamer

If you use Helium Streamer and update to this Helium beta, the old version of Helium Streamer will stop working since your database is updated to a newer version. If you want to continue using Helium Streamer you need to install the latest beta version which is available from the link below.

Click here to download Helium Streamer 5.2 beta.

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