Helium 16 beta 2 now available

This version comes with the following changes:

  • User variables are introduced which allows the end user to define a variable and a replacement for example %music% = “c:\music\albums” or %sh% = “abbrevation for artist”.
    User variables are used as a post replacement pass when editing tags (if the capitalizer is active), for all tools that use the Tag to filename engine and for destination paths in the CD-ripper, Rename files tool and the converter tool.
    User variables can be configured from Options > Variables.
  • The Releases View comes with a new view format – detailed list. This format will let you browse your album in a format similar to a track list together with filtering and multi selection operations.
  • The CD-Ripper comes with support for auto-saving of previously used Save to folder templates and Filename format templates to easier reuse different and previously used templates.
    The tool will also display a live-updated preview for the Save to folder and Filename format templates. If you type a part of a known code, for example {{a, Helium will display a dropdown with suggested codes together with a description so that you design your template better and quicker.
    Mono-spaced fonts will be used by default in template editing controls for better readability (can be deactivated from Options).
    Another small but useful feature that has been added to the CD-Ripper is the possibility to continue to rip another CD directly after a CD is ripped without restarting the tool.

  • It is possible to hide items in the view navigation bar. It is also possible to display the Active track view in the navigation bar.
  • A filter has been introduced to the Playlist and Smart Playlists view to quickly filter items by name:
  • The track list in the Playlists view can now be filtered as other tracklists.
  • Title, artist and album in the Active track view now contains hyperlinks to quickly navigate to a specific view:
  • When using auto-calculate BPM when playing a track, the resulting BPM is now stored into the Library and to Tags.
  • Custom sorting of the track list are preserved after tagging.
  • Various user interface fixes.
  • The Music Explorer nodes are properly refreshed after adding of files to the library.
  • When editing a Rename files template, the folders pane preview is properly refreshed.
  • The playlists view is properly restored after a restart if it was the active view when Helium was closed.
  • Better failover for WAV files with incorrect tags.
  • Corrections to the navigation bar.
  • Tracklist alternate row coloring fixes.

Apart from the above fixes we have also fixes other issues find whilst regression testing Helium 16 beta 1.

Click here to read about all news in Helium 16 beta 1

Working with the beta version

Please note that this version is a beta, meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

These beta versions will install into a specific folder so that you can have both Helium 15 and 16 installed at the same time.

Any databases that are opened with Helium 16 will be usable in Helium 15 since they will not be upgraded.

Please backup your database and settings before installing this version.

Click here to download Helium 16 beta


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