Helium 16.3 now available

Welcome to a new version of Helium 16 which comes with the following major changes:

  • New Tags column in tracklists which displays the tags a file contains
  • Possibility to control the BPM range when calculating BPM. This will give a more exact result and generally avoid halfed or doubled BPM values.
  • Select album window defaults to Entire library
  • Filter in select album windows is now case insensitive
  • Improvements when calculating an artists age
  • Album artist is properly used in the rename template preview in the CD ripper
  • A ripped CD will be auto ejected when the ripping is completed
  • It is possible to download tracks for a specific CD with the Discogs plugin by using cd:x where x is the disc you would like to download
  • Improvements to the information returned from the Discogs plugins
  • Smarter logic when calculating album artist when downloading tracks
  • Pictures are downloaded in background chunks to improve performance
  • Improvements to the iTunes plugin
  • System folders are hidden when iterating folders from the My computer view
  • Multiple fixes for the Advanced tag editor related to template editing and visual updates during tagging
  • It is possible to create a backup from the commandline
  • Database component upgrades
  • Component upgrades

Apart from the above major fixes, many minor things have been stabilized and optimized.

We recommend all uses to upgrade to this version.

Click here to download Helium 16.3


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