Helium 13.1 now available

Helium 13.1 is now available with the following major changes and fixes:

  • Support for UTF8 encoded CUE files
  • Bits per sample shown in file properties overview
  • Various fixes to the scripting enging when commiting tags
  • Component updates
  • Bug fix: After adding tracks to a playlist, adding tracks to the same playlist will not work until a restart of Helium
  • Major improvements and fixes to reading and writing FLAC tags
  • Custom nodes in Music Explorer properly updated when changing language
  • Possibility to hide time-markers in waveform/spectrogram
  • Improvements to editing of Involved peoples/Musician credits list
  • Improvements to view refreshing after editing tags in the Artist view, split mode
  • Progress when applying tags is properly shown
  • Progress dialog when deleting files from the Duplicate finder tool
  • Compability impovement, support for reading null-separated genres as multiple genres
  • Improvements and corrections to the Tag to filename engine
  • Recording year can be properly removed with the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Corrections when creating new users
  • Theme fixes for light theme related to lyrics and biography
  • Update corrections when editing artist biographies
  • Possility to select which formats to add when usingĀ  the Add tool
  • Favourites column will show a heart icon
  • Possibility to mark/unmark one or more tracks as favourite from tracklists

As usual, more than the above fixes we have also corrected reported bugs and added minor requested improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version as soon as possible

Click here to download the new version


New update for Helium 13 available

A new update for Helium 13 is now available with the following major changes:

  • Bug fix: Russian language not set properly
  • Bug fix: When the current song was changed in statistics view, Helium could stop
  • Bug fix: Corrections for selection handling when no files were selected
  • Improvement: Sorting is used for albums in the Now playing view
  • Improvement: Improvements to persisting of columns between sessions
  • Improvement: Duplicate items with the worst quality is auto selected in the Duplicate finder
  • Improvement: Minor improvemens to the UI when importing a Helium 11 database
  • Improvement: Possibility to auto-set total tracks in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Bug fix: Better restoring of prior view when navigating between views
  • Bug fix: Track list not properly shown in Labels view
  • Bug fix: Current track not always properly set when using the Auto inc/dec track in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Improvement: Selected files shown in statusbar
  • Improvement: Better error handling and logging in the File Synchronize tool
  • Bug fix: MP4 encoding settings not used properly
  • Improvement: BASS library updated to the most recent version
  • Bug fix: Various fixes when converting to WAVE files
  • Improvement Column sorting rememered in track lists
  • Bug fix: ID3v2 specific tag settings could affect other tag formats
  • Bug fix: When converting to VBR files, clicks could be appended to the start of the resulting file
  • Improvement: Capitalizer will not affect lock fields in the Advanced Tag Editor
  • Improvement: Updated MySql connector
  • Improvement: Updates to graphical components

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs and fixed some minor improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.

New update for Helium 13

A new update for Helium 13 is now available with the following major changes:

  • It is now possible to start tools without the need of selecting files, if no specific files are selected all files will be selected by default for quicker invocation
  • Grouping on numerical fields are now properly sorted (CD, Bpm etc)
  • Multiple improvements to the File synchronize tool
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Multiple improvements for the pending tag queue
  • Player marker properly synchronized in track lists
  • Improvements to extraction of multiple artists
  • Corrections to album artist sorting in the Music Explorer
  • New versions of the mobile apps
  • Possibility to download picture from Tag editor for files that does not exist in the Library
  • Edit multiple artists in the Tag editor via the F2 key
  • Possibility to group on artist in the Music Explorer
  • Improvements to threading during converting of files
  • Component upgrades

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs and fixed some minor improvements.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.

2018’s first Helium update

Welcome to a new Helium update, the first one for this year.

This update is a minor update with some new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The most relevant changes includes:

  • System volume changes are visualized in Helium
  • Improvements to attached pictures MIME handling
  • File synchronization tool properly supports cancellation
  • Corrections to genre handling when genres mapped to tracks can be null
  • Improvements to updates for the release details page
  • Various component updates
  • Corrections to user interface updates (Dispatcher) when using the Advanced tag editor from various views
  • Improvements to the scripting engine, more fields are supported
  • Possibility to set/update artists pictures via scripting
  • Possibility to use rescaling of pictures from scripts
  • Improvements to editing of multiple genres
  • Support for Smart playlists in File synchronization
  • Updates to the Android apps
  • Unknown albums will no longer be included in the album picture handling
  • Several improvements to the file copying tool
  • Major improvements to M4A file and tagging, mainly compatibility related
  • Improvements to the inplace editing in the Tag editor
  • Prevention of adding duplicates to the File synchronization tool
  • Possibility to select output device and buffer level when DirectSound is used instead of WASAPI
  • Improvements to the preloading in the player

Apart from the above listed changes, we have also corrected all reported bugs.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.

Helium Streamer goes free

As of the latest version of Helium Streamer (3.3, released today) there will be a free version and a Premium version just like for Helium.

We want everyone to be able to get remote access to their music and we’re glad to finally release an entry-level version of Helium Streamer for free.

The limitations in the free version of Helium Streamer follows the same pattern as in Helium. Here is a short list of what is locked in the free version:

  • Labels view
  • Genres view
  • Years view
  • Statistics view
  • Changing thumbnail sizes (the Free version comes with the “small” thumbnail size)
  • Managing users (the Free version only allows for one user. If you have Helium Premium you can manage users from there, which will work also in the Streamer)
  • Multiple database support (the Free version comes with the default SQL Server Compact database). If you use a different database in Helium, it will work in Helium Streamer also, but you cannot create SQL Server or MySql/MariaDb from Helium Streamer free.
  • Remote access for the mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you want to connect the Helium Streamer app for iOS or Android to Helium Streamer you need a Premium license of Helium Streamer.

Click here to download the free version of Helium Streamer 3.3!

News in Helium Streamer 3.3

So, apart from the awesome news about a free version of Helium Streamer, what’s new since last release?

One big focus with this release has been to move towards multi-platform support. The ultimate goal is to make Helium Streamer available on Linux and macOS apart from Windows. Even though we’re not yet there we have made significant progress. Let us know what you think about this in the comments.

Helium Streamer comes with a couple of new features in this release. Here are the most important news:

User permissions (Premium version only)

Helium Streamer now uses the same permission system as Helium does. The permissions set on a user in Helium is used in Helium Streamer and vice versa. Not all permissions makes sense to support in Helium Streamer, but most does. You can edit permissions for a user from the Settings page.


Album collection management

It was previously possible to filter for album collections in Helium Streamer but you could only use album collections set from Helium. It is now possible to add and remove collections from an album, as well as create, edit and delete album collections (available from Settings).


Multiple thumbnail sizes (Premium version only)

It is now possible to switch to medium or small sized thumbnails from Settings. Small thumbnails will be the new default. The free version can only show small thumbnails.

New statistics view (Premium version only)

The all-new statistics view will let you get a better understanding of your music library. Many of the popular statistics from Helium have now been incorporated into Helium Streamer.


Click here to download the free version of Helium Streamer 3.3!

We would very much like to hear your thoughts about this new free version of Helium Streamer. Do you like it? Do you miss any important features? Does the free version have enough unlocked content? Let us know in the comments!

Helium 13 is now officially released!

We are today very proud to present you the first official version of Helium 13!

Major news in Helium 13

  • Rewritten Music Explorer, offering more nodes, better performance and refreshes
  • Audio joiner tool
  • Much more possibilities to restrict user policies
  • Advanced filtering support for the Music Explorer, Releases, Artists, Labels, Tracks, Genres and Years. These new filters are per-view and replaces the old global filter.
  • Support for Collections and volumes
  • Fully customized toolbar for quick access to the tools you prefer
  • Support for General purpose plug-ins with a fully open API and sample code
  • File synchronization tool with full MTP device support
  • Shared playlists support
  • Major performance improvements when tagging files
  • New versions of our mobile apps

To read more about all changes in detail, please see the following links:

Upgrading to Helium 13

If you purchased Helium 12 less than a year ago you will get the Helium 13 update for free.
For users that purchased Helium 12 more than a year ago or if you are using an older version, you can upgrade to Helium 13 for a rebated price from our Customer center.

New keys will automatically be send to users that will have the update for free.

Downloading Helium 13

Download Helium 13 from our official website, http://www.helium.fm


Updated Helium 13 RC available

An update to Helium 13 RC is now available.

This update comes with various fixes and minor improvements as well as one major new feature – it is possibly to synchronize to devices supporting the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). The MTP protocol is supported by almost all Android devices as well as other media players.


The synchronization process works just the same as when synchronizing to a folder and it supports devices with multiple storages such as an SD card and internal memory.

The transcoding process in the synchronization has been rewritten to support multiple CPU-cores to execute quicker.

Click here to read more about the synchronization tool

Download Helium 13 RC

Click here to download Helium 13 RC

Please note that all licenses for Helium 12 will still work with this release.

Working with the RC versions

Please note that these versions are still not officially released meaning that all tools and features are not yet 100% tested.

The release candidates will install into a specific folder so that you can have both Helium 12 and 13 installed at the same time, as well as previous versions of Helium Streamer 3 together with the 3.3 RC release.

Any databases that are opened with Helium 13 will not be usable in Helium 12 or previous releases of Helium Streamer 3 since they will become upgraded.

Please backup your database and settings before installing any of these versions.

If you find any bugs or other problems with these releases, click here to let us know!