General purpose plugins

A new feature in Helium 13 will be support for General purpose plugins.

A general purpose plugin can be seen as any additional feature that can be started at any time.
Examples can be a mini-player, notification tray rating feature, a kareoke function and anything else.

We will ship some free general plugins with Helium 13 as well as their source code.

General purpose plugins can be developed by anyone in any .NET language, plugin samples written in C# and VB.NET will be available.
The plugins will be able to consume all functions in the Scripting engine, plus that we have added many new functions.
Full documentation will soon be available.

If you are interested in starting to develop general plugins today, feel free to contact us for more information.


News about Helium 13

At the moment we are working with our upcoming major release, Helium 13.

This version is still under construction and we have no exact date of release yet. Most likely we will release one or more beta versions before the official release.

Major new features

  • Rewritten Music Explorer. We have rewritten the Music Explorer to be more performant, with better updating of the user interface when switching between views. It also comes with new nodes; Album collections, Collections/volumes (see more below) as well as Untagged items.
  • Audio Joiner tool which lets you join several audio files into one. You can take files from various input formats and convert to an output format of your choice. The tool supports volume normalization and pitching.
  • Possibility to restrict the views a user will have access to see and use.
  • File format type support for releases and filters as well as displaying in releases.
  • Possibility to lock playlists from modification.
  • Support for tracklists below the content pane for the releases, artists and labels view.
  • Advanced filtering support for Music explorer, Releases, Artists, Labels, Tracks, Genres and Years views. This new filter allows you to create an advanced filter per view with support for Collections/volumes (see more below) and more. These new filters supersedes the old global filter function.Advanced filter with instant filters (Releases, Artists, Labels and Tracks view)
    filter1Advanced filters only (Music explorer, Genres and Years view)
  • Toolbar command support. Create your own toolbar with frequently used commands in your preferred order, title and colors. (See screenshots above)
  • Collection/volume support is back. This feature allows you to put a track into one or more volume which can be used in searches and filtering. This combines the “old” collection/volume support with the “old” categories function. During add you can select which volume a track should be added to as well as create rules based on path which volumes a track should automatically be mapped to. These rules also apply during moving/renaming of tracks. Collection/volume comes with full integration in the Music explorer, filters and advanced searches.managevol.png
  • Editing and displaying of lyrics with support for HTML formatted content.

Apart from all news listed above we have been working a lot with performance and stability fixes to make Helium 13 even better than before.

Helium 12.4 is here!

Welcome to a brand new Helium 12 version!

Major improvements to Helium 12.4

  • Carousel view which allows albums to be viewed in a cover-flow style. Fully customizable for displaying number of items, perspective and more.
  • Track list instead of detailed view for the releases and artists view in split mode.
  • Permission management per user allowing to set permissions what a specific user can and cannot do.
  • Smarter saving of tags, only contents that are actually changed will be saved and therefore saving of tags will be more efficient.
  • Album collections can be reordered and the Release tooltip template can be configured to display which album collections a release is contained in.
  • Possibility to use genre style grouping in the Genres view as well as possibility to manage genre styles and contained genres.
  • Possibility to set more descriptive names for rename templates.
  • Copy tags tool which allows copying and transcoding of tag contents between files and different formats.
  • Several new track list columns has been added.
  • New search fields has been added.
  • Several of the the views are loaded on demand, leading to increased performance and less memory consumption.
  • Several improvements to shortcuts and keyboard handling.
  • More information shown for playlist folders
  • Various user interface improvements

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.4

  • Many fixes related to memory consumption and some memory leaks.
  • Corrections to replaying of files from several tools.
  • Gain related fixes for subtrack tagging
  • Various corrections to the duplicate finder
  • Improved cancellation handling for the split and convert tools.
  • Corrected handling for updating of pictures.
  • Deleting of playlist folders removes child contents properly

For more detailed change logs, please see the following pages:

What’s next?

There are always a lot of things going on, visit our forums to get the most recent information as well as be able  to come with input for a specific feature.

You can help us to spread the word about Helium either on a specific blog or by leaving a review on our Facebook page.
For the 20 first uses which leaves a review on Facebook we will give you a free Helium 12 Premium and a Streamer 3 license, for existing users we will upgrade your Helium license to a lifetime license.
For more information, please contact us.


Click here to download Helium 12.4

Helium 12.4 RC now available!

Welcome to Helium 12.4 RC.

This version is the last planned release before we release 12.4 officially, which will happen in a few weeks.

Improvements in this version

  • New tab on label details, All tracks which will show all tracks from this label.
  • Better multi-monitor support
  • Sorting of rename templates
  • Improvements to cleanup of temporary files
  • Various user interface improvements

Bug fixes in this version

  • Ogg conversion settings are properly saved/restored
  • DirectSound playback shows correct playing position
  • Grouping of releases is properly preserved after editing artist details
  • Cancellning a picture update from a detail page will no longer show an empty image
  • Gain values are properly set and preserved when editing subtracks
  • Corrections to removing of folders in the Music Explorer
  • Various reported bug fixes and stability improvements

Working with the release candidate

The release candidate version is almost completed, but some glitches can still remain. Please note that this version will upgrade the database and therefore to be able to use it together with Streamer 3 you will need to use the updated Streamer 3 (read more below)

News in Streamer 3.2 RC

  • Support for translations
    English and Swedish currently available.
  • Light theme
    Try out the new light theme by switching to it in Settings.
  • New labels view
    This new view closely resembles the one already present in Helium 12. Labels can be filtered by name. Total number of tracks from the label is shown in a bubble on each label.
  • Filter added to genres view
    Type something in the new filter box to only show genres that matches the search criteria.
  • Track list can now be sorted in Tracks view
    Click on the column headers to sort ascending or descending.
  • Album collections created in Helium will now be loaded and available in the releases view
    The possibility to manage album collections as well as adding and removing albums from them will come in a later version.
  • Added experimental support for SSL
    This can be tested by adding a “UseSsl” flag (set to true) in the config.json file, under the “Host” entry.

Click here to download Helium 12.4 rc

Click here to download Streamer 3


Helium 12.4 beta 2 now available!

Welcome to a new beta version of Helium 12.4.


Major improvements in this version

  • Major improvements to memory consumption and removal of memory leaks. This leads indirectly to performance improvements.
  • New Ogg vorbis reader and writer. The new version of this file format reader fully supports segmented Ogg vorbis files
  • Possibility to use Genre style grouping in Genres view. Genres can be grouped as childs to a genre style using the Manage genres tool. Full support in smart playlists and advanced searches
  • Possibility to set descriptive names for rename templates to more easily identify specific rename templates
  • Copy tags tool which allows copying and transcoding of tags from one format to another, for multiple files
  • Conductor column available in track lists
  • Original year column available in track lists
  • Various user interface improvements and fixes
  • When renaming files and a file with the destination filename exists with another extension, it is shown with yellow background
  • Tracks sorting applied to My Computer view
  • When adding a file with subtracks, gain values for the master track are “pushed” to the subtracks
  • When calculating gain for a file with subtracks, resulting gain values are “pushed” to the subtracks
  • When adding files, recording year is no longer used to set release year, if release year does not exists

Minor improvements and bug fixes in this version

  • Lock function in Advanced Tag Editor works properly with “delta changes” logic
  • Corrections to saving of Conductor field from the Tag Editor
  • Minor corrections and improvements to the Duplicate finder
  • Views are lazily instansiated to reduce memory consumption
  • Cancellation improvements for Convert files and Split files tools
  • Improvements and bug fixes for updating of album, artist and label images
  • Drag to reorder improvements for Playlists
  • Corrected tooltips on label items
  • Visual drag indicators properly shown when using drag to reorder in track lists
  • Corrections to Tag editor, switch command
  • Corrections when adding tracks with same length in the Split tool
  • Bugs fixes related to removal of files from a root path
  • Bug fixes related to setting of release type
  • When renaming a file with subtracks, subtracks are properly updated with the resulting filename
  • Corrections when using “Start withs” argument for textual fields in Advanced search/Smart playlists
  • Corrections when playing next/previous subtrack
  • Proper data is used when using the rename tools on subtracks
  • Position slider corrections when replaying a subtrack
  • Ratings are no longer changed when working with scripts against files that does not exist in the Library
  • Updates to several components

Working with the beta version

Please note that this is a beta version meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

This beta version will NOT install into a specific beta folder, instead it will upgrade your existing Helium 12 installation and you can continue to use your settings without the need of cloning them.

If you find any bugs or such with this release, click here to let us know!

Click here to download this beta version of Helium 12.4 beta 2

Helium 12.4 beta now available

Welcome to a new beta version of Helium 12!


This beta version contains several new features and bug fixes, the most important are listed below:

Major improvements in Helium 12.4

  • Carousel view
    A new view mode for releases named the carousel view is included in this release. It is similar to the old “coverflow” view which existed in older version of Helium, but with more features:
    -The view can be customized to show a specific number of releases
    -The view can be customized to show releases with or without skewing
    -The view can be show items n a flat list with snap-to-item scrollingFrom the right-click menu you can use all of the commands for a release, just as from any other view.
    When a release is selected, all tracks for a release will be shown. From this list you will be able to access all functions for a specific track as well as the Quick Editor.

    Configuration of the carousel is made by right-clicking it (not not the active release).

    This view mode will of course allow you to use the quick filters also!


  • Track list for releases split mode
    Instead of displaying release details when working with the split mode, you can now choose to view the full track list for the release allowing you to quickly work with the tracks from the release.albumsplitmode
  • Track list for artists split mode
    It is now possible to display all tracks for a selected artist in split mode, instead of artist details.
  • Permission management per user
    It is possible to define which specific permissions a user shall have. For example, a user can be denied to edit tags and change pictures.
  • Only changed files will be updated during tagging.
    For example, when corecting spelling errors and only 2 of 20 files are corrected, only the two changed files will be updated. This will optimize tagging speed a lot.
  • Reordering of album collections
    It is posible to reorder album collections so that the order they are presented in within menues and filters will appear just as you prefer.
  • Filename, release type and rating fields are available in the Quick Editor
  • It is possible to clear pictures from a script
  • It is possible to search for specific content in album reviews via the advanced search
  • A new column for tracklists, Has lyrics, is available
  • Possibility to find duplicates for a specific file type
  • When playing tracks with album gain selected for gain adjusting and album gain does not exist, track gain will be used as a falback when available.
  • It is posible to search for specific content in lyrics fields via the advanced search
  • Has album review is available as an advanced search argument
  • Has AcoustId is available as an advanced search argument
  • It s possible to move one or more selected tracks first or last in the active track list
  • Improvements to playback latency depending on buffer size to achive a perfect synchronization with heard vs. visualized playing position
  • Major optimizations when tagging files which are not included in your library, from the My Computer view
  • New tracklist column, Position
  • Improvements when creating a backup and restore of MySql/MariaDb databases
  • When adding tracks to a playlist, the last added playlist is remembered
  • Filename column in the Tag editor

Bug corrections in Helium 12.4

  • Playing of files not stored in library now works correct from the Tag editors
  • Corrections to updating of user columns in the Play queue view
  • Corrections for finding duplicates for a specific folder
  • UI corrections for inplace editing in the My computer view
  • Corrections to hints for label detail items
  • Corrections when reading a mixture of file properties from ID3v2 and APEv2 tags

Apart from the above, this release contains multiple minor bug fixes and smaller optimizations as always.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this is a beta version meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

This beta version will NOT install into a specific beta folder, instead it will upgrade your existing Helium 12 installation and you can continue to use your settings without the need of cloning them.

If you find any bugs or such with this release, click here to let us know!

Click here to download this beta version of Helium 12.4

Helium 12.3 officially released!

Welcome to Helium 12.3, the first release in 2017!


Major improvements in Helium 12.3

  • Brand new replaying engine with perfect gap-less playback and crossfading support.
  • My Computer view, a new view which allows you to work with files that are not yet added to your library. A perfect view to do pre-fixes of your meta data such as tagging and renaming before you include the files in your library.
  • The Quick editor is a new pane available for views with tracklists, including the above mentioned My Computer view. This pane allows you to quickly tag & correct tags in batch without the need to opening a specfic tool for that.
  • Possibility to select multiple albums and work efficient with the selelections of data.
  • Performance improvements in several views and tools.
  • Customizable tooltips for the releases and artists views.
  • Tooltips for cells in a trackklist.
  • Releases containing reviews will display a small icon.
  • Improvements to copy & paste, cut & paste functions in the Tag editor

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.3

  • Improvements and fixes for the backup & restore tools.
  • Various fixes related to editing of multiple artists
  • Various fixes related to album and artist handling during adding and updating of files
  • Fixes of reported issues

For a more detailed change log, please see these pages:

What’s planned next?

We have a large list of requests and internal improvements we are continuously working with. Many of the requests can be followed from our forum, where you also can request a new improvement if you miss a certain feature.

Parallell to the work with Helium 12 we are also working on new versions of the mobile applications for iOS and Android, which will come with support for album collections and more.

If you like Helium, please show us your appreciation by posting a review on our Facebook page. From that page as well as our forum and LinkedIn, you can always read our latest announcements.

News in Streamer 3.1

Helium Streamer has had a few updates which are listed below:

  • New Folders view.
  • Better sorting (e.g. 2 is now displayed before 10).
  • Support for creating new databases in Launcher.
  • Helium Streamer version is now displayed in Settings.
  • Support for editing, adding and deleting users in Settings.
  • Download tracks is now available on context menus.
  • Better handling when access is denied to tracks.
  • Remaining time can now be displayed in the player by clicking on the elapsed time indicator. Click once again to toggle back to elapsed time.
  • Check for updates has been added in Settings.
  • Lots of minor corrections, enhancements and adjustments.


Click here to download Helium 12.3

Click here to download Streamer 3.1