Helium 12.4 beta now available

Welcome to a new beta version of Helium 12!


This beta version contains several new features and bug fixes, the most important are listed below:

Major improvements in Helium 12.4

  • Carousel view
    A new view mode for releases named the carousel view is included in this release. It is similar to the old “coverflow” view which existed in older version of Helium, but with more features:
    -The view can be customized to show a specific number of releases
    -The view can be customized to show releases with or without skewing
    -The view can be show items n a flat list with snap-to-item scrollingFrom the right-click menu you can use all of the commands for a release, just as from any other view.
    When a release is selected, all tracks for a release will be shown. From this list you will be able to access all functions for a specific track as well as the Quick Editor.

    Configuration of the carousel is made by right-clicking it (not not the active release).

    This view mode will of course allow you to use the quick filters also!


  • Track list for releases split mode
    Instead of displaying release details when working with the split mode, you can now choose to view the full track list for the release allowing you to quickly work with the tracks from the release.albumsplitmode
  • Track list for artists split mode
    It is now possible to display all tracks for a selected artist in split mode, instead of artist details.
  • Permission management per user
    It is possible to define which specific permissions a user shall have. For example, a user can be denied to edit tags and change pictures.
  • Only changed files will be updated during tagging.
    For example, when corecting spelling errors and only 2 of 20 files are corrected, only the two changed files will be updated. This will optimize tagging speed a lot.
  • Reordering of album collections
    It is posible to reorder album collections so that the order they are presented in within menues and filters will appear just as you prefer.
  • Filename, release type and rating fields are available in the Quick Editor
  • It is possible to clear pictures from a script
  • It is possible to search for specific content in album reviews via the advanced search
  • A new column for tracklists, Has lyrics, is available
  • Possibility to find duplicates for a specific file type
  • When playing tracks with album gain selected for gain adjusting and album gain does not exist, track gain will be used as a falback when available.
  • It is posible to search for specific content in lyrics fields via the advanced search
  • Has album review is available as an advanced search argument
  • Has AcoustId is available as an advanced search argument
  • It s possible to move one or more selected tracks first or last in the active track list
  • Improvements to playback latency depending on buffer size to achive a perfect synchronization with heard vs. visualized playing position
  • Major optimizations when tagging files which are not included in your library, from the My Computer view
  • New tracklist column, Position
  • Improvements when creating a backup and restore of MySql/MariaDb databases
  • When adding tracks to a playlist, the last added playlist is remembered
  • Filename column in the Tag editor

Bug corrections in Helium 12.4

  • Playing of files not stored in library now works correct from the Tag editors
  • Corrections to updating of user columns in the Play queue view
  • Corrections for finding duplicates for a specific folder
  • UI corrections for inplace editing in the My computer view
  • Corrections to hints for label detail items
  • Corrections when reading a mixture of file properties from ID3v2 and APEv2 tags

Apart from the above, this release contains multiple minor bug fixes and smaller optimizations as always.

Working with the beta version

Please note that this is a beta version meaning that all tools and features are not 100% tested.

This beta version will NOT install into a specific beta folder, instead it will upgrade your existing Helium 12 installation and you can continue to use your settings without the need of cloning them.

If you find any bugs or such with this release, click here to let us know!

Click here to download this beta version of Helium 12.4


Helium 12.3 officially released!

Welcome to Helium 12.3, the first release in 2017!


Major improvements in Helium 12.3

  • Brand new replaying engine with perfect gap-less playback and crossfading support.
  • My Computer view, a new view which allows you to work with files that are not yet added to your library. A perfect view to do pre-fixes of your meta data such as tagging and renaming before you include the files in your library.
  • The Quick editor is a new pane available for views with tracklists, including the above mentioned My Computer view. This pane allows you to quickly tag & correct tags in batch without the need to opening a specfic tool for that.
  • Possibility to select multiple albums and work efficient with the selelections of data.
  • Performance improvements in several views and tools.
  • Customizable tooltips for the releases and artists views.
  • Tooltips for cells in a trackklist.
  • Releases containing reviews will display a small icon.
  • Improvements to copy & paste, cut & paste functions in the Tag editor

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.3

  • Improvements and fixes for the backup & restore tools.
  • Various fixes related to editing of multiple artists
  • Various fixes related to album and artist handling during adding and updating of files
  • Fixes of reported issues

For a more detailed change log, please see these pages:

What’s planned next?

We have a large list of requests and internal improvements we are continuously working with. Many of the requests can be followed from our forum, where you also can request a new improvement if you miss a certain feature.

Parallell to the work with Helium 12 we are also working on new versions of the mobile applications for iOS and Android, which will come with support for album collections and more.

If you like Helium, please show us your appreciation by posting a review on our Facebook page. From that page as well as our forum and LinkedIn, you can always read our latest announcements.

News in Streamer 3.1

Helium Streamer has had a few updates which are listed below:

  • New Folders view.
  • Better sorting (e.g. 2 is now displayed before 10).
  • Support for creating new databases in Launcher.
  • Helium Streamer version is now displayed in Settings.
  • Support for editing, adding and deleting users in Settings.
  • Download tracks is now available on context menus.
  • Better handling when access is denied to tracks.
  • Remaining time can now be displayed in the player by clicking on the elapsed time indicator. Click once again to toggle back to elapsed time.
  • Check for updates has been added in Settings.
  • Lots of minor corrections, enhancements and adjustments.


Click here to download Helium 12.3

Click here to download Streamer 3.1

Welcome to Helium 12.3 beta 2

Since the first release of Helium 12.3 beta, we have continued to work with testing and improving the new features.

Below follows a list of improvements and fixes:


  • Quick editor available from release details
  • Possibility to cancel loading of files in the My Computer view
  • Performance optimizations in track lists views. If you are using custom columns an option is now available which allows you to inactivate rendering of these columns to improve loading speeds. Only custom columns with actual templates will be rendered.
  • Tooltips for each cell in track lists
  • Possibility to choose if extended information in playlists shall be exported or not
  • Possibility to perform a partial rename operation even if some files contains errors
  • Albums which contains reviews will display a small icon
  • Possibility to give user defined nodes in the Music Explorer a custom name
  • Customizable tooltips for albums and artists, rendered using the Tag to filename engine
  • Possibility to remove a file from multiple playlists from Properties
  • Tag to filename engine supports song length
  • Improvements to extract remix in the Tag editor
  • Possibility to change when a crossfade will start, from the length of the current song
  • Capitalization will be applied when pasting data in the Tag editor
  • Show play queue view will always show the play queue no matter docked or in fullscreen

Bug fixes

  • Fixes and improvements to backup and restore, more data is included and restored
  • Improvements to album review updating
  • Renaming files in the My Computer view properly updates the view
  • Bug fixes for selecting multiple releases from the artist details page
  • Bug fixes for extracting multiple artists
  • Bug fixes related to cut & paste in the Tag editor
  • Clean album picture works properly with multiple selections
  • Toggling of multi select releases fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements related to editing of multiple artists
  • Bug fixes related to pasting of artists in the Tag editor

Downloading and using the beta

Since the beta system was changed in Helium 12.3, some things works differently than before.
Click here to read more about it.

Click this link to download the new Helium 12.3 beta

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New year – new cool features!

We start this year with a beta version of Helium 12.3 which contains major new features and multiple improvements.

Since the last release of Helium 12.2 we ran a survey in our user forum which features from Helium 11 they missed the most. From those results we decided to focus on three main topics:

  • Gapless playback
  • Crossfading
  • My Computer view with support for browsing files that are not neccesarily yet added to the library

For Helium 12.3 we have implemented the above functions, below follows some details about them:

Gapless playback and crossfade

When it comes to playback, Helium 12 fully supports Windows Audio Session API, WASAPI and DirectSound. Helium 11 and older versions only supported DirectSound.
One of the main benefits of WASAPI is that it provides applications with exclusive access to audio devices, bypassing the system mixer, default settings, and any typically any effects provided by the audio driver.
WASAPI is the recommended audio output mode for Windows. It effectively replaces all legacy output modes including kernel streaming and DirectSound.
DirectSound is still supported but won’t be use hardware mixing and therefore consume more CPU and may not use your audio device full power.
Beacuse of the WASAPI support we have revised the playback engine to use a hardware drivern mixer for perfect gapless playback as well as a crossfader.
If you are using DirectSound playback all of these functions will still be available, but please note that it may affect CPU consumption and playback quality.

Gapless playback is always applies, crossfading can be toggled on/off from the player pane.

My Computer view

Support for tag-cleanup, renaming and analysing of files before they are added to your library is also something that has been highly requested.
Helium 12.3 comes with an entirely new view for this, to make it easy for you to work distinctly with files that are not added to your library.
Still even if you select to work with files that are not in your library together with files that are in your library, you will be able to see this easily. If you perform tagging operations, tags will always be updated on files and in your library where appliciable.
The new view lets you select a folder to scan (optionally) recursively for files which will be presented in a track list with full support for customizable columns, custom columns and all nice features for the standard track list.
You will of course be able to use all tools that does not depend on database only data, which means that the tag editors, the rename tool, converting of files and even scripting functions!
For correction of misspellings and similar changes, the view supports in-place editing of tag information.
With just one click you will also be able to add a selection of files to your library.

Quick Editor

Another entirely new thing that has been introduced in Helium 12.3 as you can see in the screenshot above is the Quick Editor.
The Quick Editor has also existed in earlier Helium version, but this is something special;
It will allow you to very quickly change one or more values for the selected file/files. Simply select the files you would like to update and then select which contents to change in each respective control.
Choose to either keep the original value (useful to avoid to updating mixed content for example titles), clear the value or set it to a completely new value.
When you are done, simply click Save changes to apply the changes to tags and your library.
There are even some more cool things with this new editor:

  • You can edit the template which controls which editing controls that are shown. You can even choose if an editing element shall span over the entire width or if you would like to have two elements next to each other, similar to how the Advanced Tag Editor works in Helium 12.
  • The Quick Editor is available from the most views which contains a track list, ranging from the My Computer view to search results!
    It is of course possible to assign a global hotkey to quickly be able to hide/show the Quick Editor.

Hey wait, there’s even more features and improvements coming up!
It is now possible to multi-select releases in the Releases view.
Simply select the releases you for example would like to change tags for, rename or download picures for and then start the tool as normal, and all tracks from the selected items will be loaded to the tool.
Multi-selecting releases is something that can help you to speed up your work!

Quickly toggle multi-selection of releases from the context menu, Select > Enable multi select or from the View menu.

Apart from the above major features we have also improved the album handling, added new tracklist columns and improved many minor things.

New beta system

From now on you can have a beta version of Helium 12 and Helium Streamer 3 installed parallel to an official version. The beta version will have its own settings. This allows you to test our beta versions without necessarily disturbing your daily Helium work.
If you like to use the same settings, you can easily copy them from the official release folder into the beta versions folder.

So, go ahead and click here download Helium 12.3 now and try out all the new features!

Helium Streamer 3.0.2 beta

Helium Streamer 3 also has a new beta version out. The main new feature in this release is a Folders view where you can browse your music using their folder structure as they are located on your hard drive. There are also improvements made to the adding of music and a new settings page which shows the version of Streamer and the database in use.

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3.0.2 beta.


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Helium 12.2 is now released!

Welcome to a new feature packed Helium release!


Major improvements in Helium 12.2

  • New user interface for the Update library tool. The tool now allows updating of specific folders selected from a tree
  • Startup speed optimizations. Up to 300% quicker startup when using larger databases.
  • General speed optimizations for various views
  • Optimizations for the converter tool (uses multiple cores when possible)
  • Optimizations for the splitter tools (uses multiple cores when possible)
  • New now playing view
  • Possibility to use cropping of thumbnails
  • Possibility to select different thumbnail aspect ratios per-view
  • A-Z button filter available from the releases, artists and labels view allowing quick jumping to a specific letter. Can be toggled on/off.
  • Possibility to mark an album or artist as a favourite directly via the thumbnail control from all views
  • HTML formatting support for biography (Edit artist, artist pages)
  • HTML formatting support for Album review
  • New job queueing logic which allows tagging whilst playing and having queued jobs
  • French language added
  • Click on the player time to toggle between elapsed/remaining time
  • Context driven status bars showing more exact information for the active view/filter
  • Size available as a column in track lists
  • The playlists a file is contained in is now shown in Properties as a new tab
  • Performance optimizations in the Music Explorer tree
  • Possibility to resize the left-bar in the Playlists view
  • Visual improvements in the Rename tool
  • Improvements to MP4/M4* file reading so that videos shall not be added
  • Option allowing the source file to be automatically removed after a split operation
  • The current Windows regional date format is now used to display dates
  • Minor improvements to backup and restore operations
  • File owner added to the rename tool (Tag to filename engine)
  • Possibility to update a specific folder from the Music explorer > Library context menu
  • Possibility to move multiple columns up/down in the Select columns tool
  • Possibility to edit tags for either selected files/items in the view or all items in the view
  • Improvements to auto-track increase functions in the Tag editors
  • Filename to tag templates will be saved and remembered between sessions
  • Album version available as naming variable for album pictures
  • Download lyrics API available

Major bug fixes in Helium 12.2

  • Logic for cd-path handling fixes and improvements
  • Bug fix related to writing of FLAC attached picture descriptions with foreign characters and incorrect text encoding
  • Proper updating of play counter and last played in the Play queue and track lists
  • Track list sorting is properly applied in the Music Explorer, Tracks view
  • Statistics on artist detail pages will now properly scroll when necessary
  • Properly opening of files with foreign characters in the Analyze tool
  • Bug fix when manual queue mode could be lost in the Play queue after tagging
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements related to edit mode in track lists
  • Bug fixes related to saving of recording year in MP3 files
  • Bug fixes related to the Smart playlists select by functions
  • Bug fixes related to locking of multiple pictures in the Advanced tag editor
  • Reset button properly shows in Music Explorer albums view when using a filter
  • Various visual bug fixes when removing tracks from a playlist
  • Properly hiding/showing of active Music explorer root nodes
  • Bug fixes related to displaying of file owner contents

What’s planned next?

We will continue to implement new features, we are mostly working on features requested via the forums.

If you miss a certain function or think that some function can be improved, please let us and the community know via our forum.
Click this here to open the feature requests forum.

As earlier we will release open beta versions every other week or when enough functions and fixes are available for testing via our announcement page, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Download the new version

Click here to download Helium 12.2

Now playing is back!

The Now playing view will be back in our next release of Helium 12 – with more powerful features than before.


Some of the features worth to mention are:

  •  Browse to connected database pictures as well as pictures from tags. Hover the mouse over the picture to see detailed information about the image resolution and more.
  • Quick access to tools
  • Collapsible panes with:
    • Suggested tracks
    • Similar artists (shown as thumbnails)
    • Favourite tracks
    • Alums from artists
  • Full support for the dark and the light theme
  • Biography and lyrics will be shown in separate tabs if they exist for the file currently playing

Click here to try it and the other new improvements today!

Please note that this version is still in a beta state and may contain untested features.


Minor Helium 12 update now available

A new minor update for Helium 12 is now available.

This update contains the following major changes:

  • New job queueing logic which allows tagging whilst playing and having queued jobs
  • French language added
  • Click on the player time to toggle between elapsed/remaining time
  • Proper updating of play counter and last played in the Play queue and track lists
  • Track list sorting is properly applied in the Music Explorer, Tracks view
  • Changed default sorting for Artist details > All tracks
  • More context driven statusbars
  • Size available as a column in track lists
  • The playlists a file is contained in is now shown in Propeties
  • Performance optimizations in the Music Explorer tree
  • Possibility to resize the left-bar in the Playlists view
  • Statistics on artist detail pages will now properly scroll when neccesary
  • Properly opening of files with foreign characters in the Analyse tool
  • Bug fix when manual enque mode could be lost in the Play queue after tagging
  • Bug fix related to writing of FLAC attached picture descriptions with foreign characters and incorrect text encoding
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements related to edit mode in track lists
  • Bug fixes related to saving of recording year in MP3 files
  • Bug fixes related to the Smart playlists select by functions
  • Bug fixes related to locking of multiple pictures in the Advanced tag editor
  • Reset button properly shows in Music Explorer albums view when using a filter
  • Visual improvements in the Rename tool

As usual a lot of more minor things which has been reported to us has also been corrected.

We recommend all users to update to this version.

Click here to download Helium 12.1 (build 14399)