We’re two guys who are passionate about music and software development. And music software development. And music software. And… You get it…

We have created a software product family that we call Helium.

There is the PC software Helium Music Manager which is being used to organize your ever-growing digital music library.

There is the Helium Streamer software that lets you access your music wherever you are, either through apps for Android, iOS or Windows  Phone, or through any web browser on any computer.

There is the Helium Remote app which lets you remotely control the Helium Music Manager PC software from anywhere around your house.

We offer features to catalog, browse, search, play, stream, create playlists, tag and rename, print good looking reports, rip cd’s, burn cd’s, you name it.

We have been doing this since 1997. It’s time for a change.

In 1997 it felt good to add features that let you “lend out” a CD. It was logical to have the ability to manually add information about cassette or vinyl records to the application. It also felt like a great idea to have a utility which could send tracks to a device connected to a computer by cable (remember those devices called MP3 players?).

Those were good times.

Fast forward to 2016.

We still believe in having your own music library that you are in total control of. Our users agree. Despite the rise of streaming services that let’s you access more music than you can ever listen to even a fraction of we still see a growing user base of the Helium products.

We have users who were never interested in streaming services (music enthusiasts, radio stations, DJs etc).

We have users who were on the other side and are now back (some people couldn’t find the music they already owned, some felt they drowned in the big sea of music and some just didn’t like to pay a monthly fee for music that they still didn’t own when they stopped their subscription).

We have new users coming in each and every day who appreciate the feeling of building your very own music collection.

Now don’t get us wrong. We also use streaming services. We even like them. Who wouldn’t like gaining access to new music for free the instant it’s available? But it still doesn’t cover all needs.

We want to offer you products that are built for todays and tomorrows needs. This means that we need to do some changes. We have decided to turn the page and start from scratch.

We call it Codename: Neon.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Helium Team,

    sounds like a great project and as a fellow of Helium Music Manager for so many years (I started somewhat with version 2009) it is really exiting that you are going forward with a “next gen” of HMM

    One of my dreams would be to use HMM in the Mac OS world. In that universe there is nothing comparable. But it seems that you are not planning to go that direction?

    Anyway I whish you best success and a lot of fun with this new endevour!

    Best Regards,

    BTW… What is a “Väth”?


  2. Dear Mikael and all other of the imploded-team,

    I used HMM many years and it’s one of the best software I’ve ever used. But for some reasons I have to change to the Mac world in 2013 and so I get off from HMM. Until today I hope for the day I could use HMM or now Väth on the Mac OS X!

    So please, let us know if you plan a version of Väth for Mac OS X. And if you do this, i really would like to join to the Beta-Team and help you to make this software as good as HMM is.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi. im very interested in traslate to spanish the best piece of software ever created…
    Well let me know if i can help you.


  4. I am so pleased that having bought 11.5 and Streamer for the first time this in September of 2016, that when I logged into customer care all I had to provide was my password information as you have it set up, and I had access to the full-on 12 Premium automatically, no fuss, no muss. WOW. I agree you needed to start over–not because 11.5 isn’t great, but because I’m running it on a pentium I-7 with 32gb of ram and with my ever-growing overly large music collection it was just too danged slow… 🙂 I will probably start migrating to 12 in the next couple weeks and do the whole maria db thing… 🙂 THANK YOU!


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