Hotfix for Helium 13.3 now available

A new hotfix with mainly MySql8 related issues is now available.

Even if you are not using MySql8 we recommend you to update to this version.

Click here to download the new version.


Helium Streamer 3.3.1 now available

Helium Streamer 3.3.1 is now available.

This is a minor update which includes corrections for issues found since last release as well as one new feature.

Sorting of releases

It is now possible to sort releases. You are no longer stuck with the default sort order of album name ascending.

You reach this new feature by clicking on the new “more…” link at the top of the releases view.

2018-04-26 09_08_44-Albums - Helium Streamer

This will reveal the new “sort by” filter:2018-04-26 09_12_25-Albums - Helium Streamer

There are four fields that releases can be sorted by:

  • Album
  • Artist
  • Year
  • Added date

There is also the possibility to change the sort order (ascending or descending) by clicking the sort order buttonĀ sortorder.

The sort field and sort order you set will be remembered until you change it.

Click here to download the new version.

Let us know what you think in the comments or in our forums at:


Helium 13.3 beta now available

A new beta version of Helium 13 is now avalable for testing.

This version focuses on changes under the hood, mainly related to MySql.

Major changes in this release

  • New MySql drivers and changes/improvements to queries. This affects the most of the application.
  • Threading fixes.
  • Setting for using year fallback, if release year is not specifically contained in tags (e.g. ID3v1 tags which only supports recording year), a fallback to recording year will be used when this setting is active.
  • Capitalization fixes in the Tag editor.
  • Improvements to FLAC reading and writing

Apart from the above improvements, this version comes with minor bug fixes and improvements.

Working with the beta version

Please note all functions in this beta version is not fully completed. Functions might not have passed all QA testing and can miss translation texts.

This beta version cannot be installed parallell to the official Helium 13 version.

We recommend all uses which are using MySql/MariaDb to test this version.

If you find any bugs or if you have feedback, please let us know by clicking here.

Click here to download Helium 13.3 beta.