Warmly welcome to Helium 12!

We are today more than proud to present the result of the last one and a half years of hard work, a completely new digital music management tool.


Helium 12 is rewritten from the ground up to be a more modern, expandable and powerful tool.

Compared to older versions of Helium, there are some major changes in Helium 12 worth to mention:

  • There are now only two versions, a free version and a Premium version.
  • The Premium version is required to be able to use the Helium Remote app, which is still fully free for iOS, Android and Windows 10.
  • If you would like to use the Streamer app, it is still free for iOS and Android, but it will require a license of Helium Streamer.
  • Helium Streamer is also rewritten from scratch and now resembles the interface of Helium 12 so it will be easier to switch between the two. We also plan on releasing a free version of Helium Streamer shortly.
  • The views in Helium 12 is not equal to older versions of Helium – instead they use album, artist and label graphics much more and adds interaction via hyperlinks.
  • There is no specific Music Browser view, instead all views works similar to the old Music Browser!
  • We have implemented a powerful scripting engine which comes with many example script for various operations, ranging from tag operations to list creation and importing of external playlists. Best of all – there’s a well-documented API available so that you can start to create your own scripts today!

The list of features can be long, the best way to find out more about them is to start to test Helium 12 today!

You can of course import your Helium 11 database automatically into Helium 12, please note that it will be upgraded and no longer usable with Helium 11 after the import.

Will Helium 12 be the correct tool for me?

That’s up to each one of you to decide – Helium has always offered many different workflows and cataloging possibilities, not all old functions are available in Helium 12, but instead new functions are available. More functions are also under construction already, you can follow what’s planned and their current status by visiting the forum.

Do you miss a feature from Helium 11? Kindly let us know in the forums. We welcome all feedback and will continue to deliver updates to Helium regularly.

What will happen to Helium 11?

One of the major reasons why we decided to create Helium 12 from scratch was because we needed to change the platform which Helium 11 and older versions were built on.

Helium 12 is built using the most modern platform and can therefore take advantage of things like hardware accelerated graphics, Windows Audio Service API, multi-core support when downloading data, most recent and optimized database drivers and much more.

This is something which Helium 11 could never do because of the architecture it was built on.

So, we will from now no longer update and maintain Helium 11.

Users with any old Helium version will have the possibility to get a discounted upgrade offer to Helium 12. Please note that there is only an import feature for Helium 11 available, not from prior versions.

Existing users – what about us?

All users that have purchased Helium 11 within the last year will as usual get a free upgrade. You can find your license information from our Customer center:


Users that have a license of Helium Streamer can also find their license in the Customer center (link above).

Additional questions?

You can always contact us for additional questions, licensing information etc. Another way to get more information is via the online help and the user forums for which you can find links on our website, http://www.helium.fm

We would like to end this news post with giving all users that have helps us with testing, feedback, translation or in any other way a big thank you – without you it would not have been possible to deliver Helium 12 today!

New update for Neon available

Today we have released a new version of Neon with some new features and bug fixes.

As we are getting closer and closer to a release, please report any bugs found so that we can ensure maximum stability when the version is released.

This especially applies to importing of databases and similar features, if you experience a reproducible problem with this tool, please contact us at: dev@imploded.com.

Interested in translating Neon?

We are constantly looking for help with translations. Translating Neon is made with an external tool, Zeta resource editor, which makes the translation process simple.

Translators will get a free license of Neon and Streamer 3!

Contact us at dev@imploded.com for more information.

Improvements in this version

  • Possibility to edit, load and save Advanced Tag Editor templates
  • Right-click context menu for the Library node in the Music Explorer with commands for copying a folder and its sub-folders, moving of a folder and its sub-folders, Renaming a folder, Removing of a folder and its sub-folders and the possibility to explore the path of a library folder
  • Right-click context menu for artist and album nodes in the Music Explorer with possibility to rename a specific album/artist on both tags and in the library with just a simple click
  • Possibility to update an existing file in the Library from one format to another without losing tags and statistics. This function is available as a script and is very useful when migrating from a lossy format (e.g. MP3) to a lossless format (e.g. FLAC)
  • New functions in the scripting API
  • Possibility to rename artists and albums via the more/context menus.
  • Possibility to add a specific root path in the Update library tool
  • User interface adjustments for statistics
  • Possibility to remove artist, album and label pictures via the context menu
  • Artist, album, album-artist, genre, label and year nodes are linked in the Music Explorer
  • Title column in release details is shown by default
  • Improved performance in Remap path function
  • Updates to the Portuguese language
  • Various documentation updates

Bug fixes in this version

  • Corrected browsing of paths ending with specific latin characters (MySql only)
  • Sort order fixes in Music Explorer (Sql Compact, Sql Server only)
  • Fixes for statistics when using Sql Compact and Sql Server databases
  • See more link for top labels now works correct
  • Equalizer presets are not overwritten during a version update
  • Fixes for remap path (MySql only)
  • Fixes for importing of Helium 11 databases
  • Various fixes related to updating of the library

Downloading the new version

This version can either be downloaded via the Update checker of by clicking the link below:

Click here to download Neon build 14170

Welcome to release Infected Mushroom!


What’s new in this release?

  • Number of tracks per playlist shown in view
  • New progress indicators implemented
  • Bugfixes and improvements to Helium 11 import functions
  • Corrections to replaying logic
  • Multiple artist bugfixes for subtracks
  • Other tracks on artist details page is renamed to All tracks and will now show all tracks from the specific artist – a quick way to explore and handle all tracks from a specific artist
  • Improvements to how discography items are calculated
  • Frequency column introduced
  • New view modes for the releases and artists view – split mode. This is a very powerful view similar to Helium 11’s views for releases and artists where a list of items is presented to the left and a detail page to the right. Full support for real-time filtering and much more.
  • Portugese language
  • Corrections to double-clicking of tracks
  • Improvements for image caches per database
  • More help topics available – if you miss any specific help topic, please let us know
  • New script for cleaning of album paths
  • Corrections and improvements to the query engine
  • Possibility to save Equalizer settings
  • Language support for the Last.fm plug in
  • Improvements to album merge logic after tagging
  • New user-interface for statistics and more statistics available
  • Possibility to store sub-labels and formatted label profile information
  • Support for downloading of label images and label information
  • Linking between parent and sub-labels
  • Fixes for reported bugs
  • Implementation of free versus Premium features

What’s planned for our next release, Juno Reactor?

  • Documentation work
  • Website work
  • Final testing
  • Fine-tuning of the implemented features

Hopefully we will soon be ready to release this new version as our first official release!


Click here to download Neon, build 14146



Release Hardfloor now available!

Welcome to a new release of Neon, release Hardfloor!


What’s new in release Hardfloor

  • Up to three expressions can be used in the global filter
  • Support for five custom columns in tracklist. The contents in this columns can be freely customizable and use the Rename tools template system to render contents
  • Various new features in statistics based on todays date
  • Settings for how replay gain should be used
  • The volume gain set when the Equalizer is active can be overriden with replay gain values
  • Album and artist sort order settings are used in search results and more views
  • Many performance optimizations related to importing of databases from Helium 11 and from Neon
  • Improvements to sort order handling in the Music Explorer
  • Improvements to sort order handling in the Artist view
  • Possibility to filter in Genre view
  • Possibility to customize sub-structures of Music Explorer nodes
  • Possibility to select smaller or larger font sizes
  • Date/time formatting fixes in the Music Explorer
  • Card views now supports the selected thumbnail sizes
  • More available shortcut commands
  • Possibility to import Neon databases for migration purposes
  • The Last.fm and Amazon plug-ins are released as open-source
  • Documentation of the plug-in API (http://support.imploded.com/solution/articles/9000079298-creating-download-plug-ins)
  • More help topics available
  • Optimize active database commands (defragmentation of indexes)
  • Bugfixes related to the Equalizer
  • Possibility to open the selected Webservice port in Windows Firewall in your Router
  • Album version available as a rename field
  • CD columns available in tracklists
  • Support for current track with value 0 (used for pre-gap tracks)
  • Improved keyboard handling in the tag editor (more similar to Helium 11)
  • Various visualization plug-in fixes
  • Various bugfixes in the tag engine related to reading of rating
  • Bugfixes to the Apply commands in the Tag editor

Helium Streamer 3 news

  • Fixed: Problem when posting now playing to Last.fm is now corrected.
  • Pagination information is now shown in the top right corner on many pages.
  • Total number of tracks in playlists are shown in a small bubble to the right.
  • Total number of tracks in a genre is shown in a small bubble to the right.
  • Feature to clear the cache is now available from Settings.
  • Filters are now remembered when browsing back and forth.
  • Many minor UI and usability tweaks.

What’s planned for our next release, Infected Mushroom?

  • Implementation of the free version features
  • Evaluation of two new view modes
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing
  • Relase a new website
  • Take a summer break😉


Click here to download Neon, build 14098

Click here to download Helium Streamer, build 1048


Neon release Gouryella now available!


The past weeks we have been working hard with this new release to be able to deliver a more complete and stable version.

What’s new in release Gouryella?

  • Visualization plug-in support. Run your favourite Sonique, Winamp 2/5, Windows Media Player or BassBox visualization plug-ins.
  • Possibility to customize shortcuts for various tools and commands.
  • Pictures filter in release and artist views which quickly allows filtering of items with or without pictures.
  • Possibility to load and save global filters.
  • Extensions to the script engine – scripts are now defined with a json file, which allows definition of a display name, a description of the scripts purpose and more. Click here for more details about the script changes.
  • Improvements to the Amazon plug-in.
  • An advanced search will show artists and releases in the results, if any.
  • File type available in the Global filter.
  • New operators for last played and added date, in the last X days | weeks | months | years, not in the last X days | weeks | months | years.
  • Play counter operator improvements in Global filter, Smart playlists and Advanced search.
  • Folder structure support for scripts in menues and Run script dialog.
  • Possibility to define custom sorting in releases and artists view.
  • Improvements to importing of Helium 11 databases.
  • Performance improvements for downloading of artist information.
  • Performance improvements for tagging operations.
  • Custom fields can be properly mapped to custom tag frames as in earlier Helium versions.
  • Release view and artist view filters are remembered during navigation.
  • Playing trend added to statistics.
  • File type trends added to statistics. This chart is interactive and specific series can be toggled on/off.
  • Bugfixes to similar albums.
  • Minor visual improvements to the Equalizer.

Helium Streamer

Helium Streamer have received lots of new features and corrections since last release. The most significant news are listed below:

  • New genre view
  • New track view
  • New year view
  • New search results page
  • Custom release types are now shown correctly
  • Play, queue next and queue last available from release details
  • Global search now also show tracks
  • Pressing enter in the global search takes you to the search results page
  • New tab on artist page that shows all tracks for artist
  • It’s now possible to remove tracks from the play queue
  • Corrections to play queue handling

Please report any issues found in this forum thread:


What’s planned for our next release, Hardfloor?

  • Release all our download plug-ins as Open Source
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing
  • Translation support

Interested in translating Neon?

If you are interested in helping us translating Neon, please contact us. As a thank for your help, you will receive a free license of the full product when released.


Click here to download Neon, build 12454

Click here to download Helium Streamer 3, build 1033

Click here to download additional visualization plug-ins

New Neon release now available!

Welcome to Neon, release Fatboy Slim!

From now we will release all Neon builds as publically updates since we are getting closer and closer to an official release.


New features implemented in release Fatboy Slim

  • Download multiple album/artist pictures tool. Quickly download multiple albums/artist pictures at once using all available plug-ins.
  • Quick editing mode in all tracklist controls except for the Play queue. Simply enable editing from the context menu and correct any tags you like, without the need of starting any of the Tag editors!
  • Possibility to group tracks in tracklist controls (excluding the Play queue and album details)
  • Background picture support for album and artist detail views
  • 10-band Equalizer tool
  • The CD-ripper tool is now available with full support for ripping to different formats
  • Filename to tag tool, available from the Tag editors and the script engine
  • Automatic and manual update checker
  • Amazon plug-in
  • Improvements to the Discogs plug-in to return more picture results
  • Quick migration from Helium 11, quickly migrate your active database and your pictures
  • Drag and drop picture files directly to albums, artists and label controls
  • Copy multiple files function
  • Move multiple files function with full database update support
  • Remap-path tool
  • Possibility to export playlists (M3U, M3U8 and PLS) from various views as well as from the script engine
  • Additional detailed information shown in desktop alert after add and update operations
  • Various new features in the scripting engine, click here see the official documentation for more information
  • Play counter is updated on Id3v2 tags during playback
  • Play counter support in Advanced searches and Smart playlists
  • iOS applications are updated to support Neon, althought not yet released on AppStore.
  • UWP (Windows 10) version of Helium Remote released as open-source

Apart from all news above, we have of course fixed all reported and found bugs to make this build really stable.

Helium Streamer

Please uninstall any previous version of Helium Streamer 3 before installing this release. All settings are now stored in %ProgramData%\Imploded Software\Helium Streamer. This is also where cached pictures, log files and transcoded files are stored by default.

News in Helium Streamer

  • New play queue handling. The play queue handling now works similar to Neon, which means that manual and automatically queued tracks are supported. Manually queued tracks are marked with a dot on the left of the track in the play queue. These tracks will be retained even if you double-click in any tracklist.
  • If Neon is installed, settings will be picked up and the same database will be used.
  • If Neon is not installed, a new database will be created. A default password of admin is set on the Default user. This password can be changed from the Launcher.
  • Playing statistics are now reported correctly to Last.fm
  • Ability to add/remove favourite on artist
  • Ability to add/remove favourite on album
  • Minor corrections to sorting of tracks in albums
  • Ability to set a default password
  • Experimental: Add files to database. It’s now possible to try out a first version of add to database from Settings. Please only use the features on this page on databases you have a backup of since they are not yet fully tested. Please report any issues with these features.

What’s planned for our next release, Gouryella?

  • Release all updated mobile applications officially
  • Release all plug-ins as open-source so that each one of you that are interested can be inspired to contribute with own plug-ins
  • Continue with the documentation work
  • Continue with the final testing

Since all releases will now be publically released we would really like you to contribute to our testing process. If you find something that does not seem correct, please let us know. If the built-in bug reporting tool shows up, please report as much information as possible about which steps you performed and we will try to address the issues as quick as we can.

Click here to download Neon, build 12403

Note: It should not be neccesary to uninstall a previously installed version of Neon.

Click here to download Streamer 3, build 1005


More new features in Neon!

In our previous post which covered the cool new background picture modes, we mentioned that we had added more features for the upcoming Neon version.


Some of the new features that will be included is the new Equalizer. The Equalizer can be quickly activated via a toggle-button located in the bottom player. You can also quickly configure the Equalizer manually or adjust it by the available presets.


Quick editing

Another feature that has requested since long is a more effective version of the old Quick edit function, which now has been implemented.
The quick edit function can be accessed from any view with a track-list and allows editing of all visible tracks and fields, which is a hughe improvement compared to the old function which only allowed editing of a single file at a time, with a limited set of fields.
To enable the quick edit function, simply right-click the track list and select “Toggle edit mode” from the context menu. When enabled, you will edit entries directly in the track-list in a way similar to the Tag editor, with full support for lookup fields and more.
This enables a very quick way to correct incorrect spellings and similar adjustments with just a few clicks.


File name to tag

Something else that previously has not been included in Neon is the Filename to tag tool. The next version of Neon comes with an updated version of the Filename to tag tool, embedded in the Tag editors.
The user interface in the new Filename to tag tool has been simplified, but it still works similar to the old tool. To give the most precise visual result, columns included in the template are built dynamically in the editor whilst editing. If some files are not matched with the template, for example if they match a pattern with more fields, you can simply re-run the function on these files and apply the differing template.

Apart from these major new features presented above, we have also made some huge improvements to mass picture download tools, these changes will be presented in our next blog post.