Welcome to Helium 15!

We are proud to present the first release of Helium 15!

Major news in Helium 15

  • Possibility to open Playlists in new windows which floats on top of the application. Opened Playlists will remain visible during view changes and allows drag and drop from other views to queue up tracks as well as drag and drop between playlists.
  • Reorganized main and context menus for a more optimized workflow. Menus are now much more logical in their order and what names that are being used on menu items.
  • Active track view (available from the visualizations menu), a new “fullscreen” view that shows rotating (optional) album and artist art with controllable speed plus lyrics for the track currently playing
  • Changed MariaDB/MySql database providers for better performance and stability.
  • Multiple improvements to the CD Ripper.
  • The Biography tab for the playing track contains artist and album image, linked artist information and editing shortcuts.
  • Rewritten Helium Remote and Streamer apps with multiple improvements.
  • Big improvements to the Optimize library feature:
    • Possibility to select which database optimization steps to be performed. This can greatly speed up the optimization on large databases, if you only wish to run certain optimizations.
    • A new optimization step that will remove all unused artists in the database. Unused artists can be left in the database either if they have previously been in the database but has been removed, or if an incorrectly names artist have been renamed (the old incorrectly named artist may still be there in that case). Some of these problems have only arised for users who have used Helium for a long period of time, through many different releases.
    • For long-time users of Helium, running a full library optimization can now greatly improve the stability and speed of the program since unused data can be removed while the actual database files are also optimized for best performance.

Apart from the above changes a lot of smaller improvements and corrections have also been added to this new release.

To read about the changes in detail, please visit the following links:

Upgrading to Helium 15 Premium

If you purchased Helium 14 less than a year ago you will get the Helium 15 update for free.

We have sent out e-mail with license information to these customers. If you feel you should be eligible for the free upgrade our e-mail might have been caught in your spam folder. You can always find your license in the Customer center.

You can upgrade to Helium 15 for a discounted price from our Customer center.

Downloading Helium 15

Download Helium 15 from our official website, https://www.imploded.com

Helium Streamer 5

To accompany Helium 15, we are also releasing Helium Streamer 5 which are fully compatible with each other. Helium Streamer 5 is needed if you want instant access to your entire music library wherever you are. It has an interface both for web browsers and for iOS and Android apps.

Download Helium Streamer 5 from our official website, https://www.imploded.com

Upgrading to Helium Streamer 5 Premium

If you purchased Helium Streamer 4 less than a year ago you will get the Helium Streamer 5 update for free.

You can upgrade to Helium Streamer 5 for a discounted price from our Customer center.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Helium 15!

  1. I have to ask when i order Helium Streamer 2 back in the day i got free upgrade to v.3 and v.4 now it says i have to pay for upgrade to v.5 is this right ? is there no more free upgrades for Helium Streamer can’t see i have read something about this


    1. You’re correct. The original version of Helium Streamer came with a generous offer of free upcoming upgrades. This is still valid.

      We have however changed this since a while back for customers who didn’t purchase the original version.

      We are in the process of adding licenses for this to the profiles in the Customer Center. Your license to Helium Streamer 5 can be found there already.



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